White Tea (Pai Mu Tan) 

It is true, for us all varieties of teas have something special, but also you are going to fool: the white tea is one of those products that has become the darling of anyone, for all the properties that are associated with it, in addition to its pleasant taste and aroma, not to mention his unique process of development.

So, it is not surprisi...

It is true, for us all varieties of teas have something special, but also you are going to fool: the white tea is one of those products that has become the darling of anyone, for all the properties that are associated with it, in addition to its pleasant taste and aroma, not to mention his unique process of development.

So, it is not surprising that the white tea is one of the preferred by the sybarites of the world of tea and that some of its varieties are the most expensive in the market. But, believe me: you really are worth it. Without a doubt, the white tea will be one of the varieties most rich that you've tried. Guaranteed!

But, if you like it, let me tell you some basic things of this variety, which, like the other types of teas, also comes from the plant camellia sinensis, with the main difference that this is made with the most tender shoots of the plant, that is to say, with the well-known as llemas or golden-tips.

Do you know what, precisely, the name “white tea” comes from the whitish color that covers these buds to be harvested? In this sense, the white tea will be of higher quality in function of the number of yolks. Some types of white teas also include the mix of other parts of the plant and, in that case, the price would come down.

This type of tea is grown in China, in particular, in the region of Fugian where, in the past, this variety only it could allow the Emperor of the Tang Dynasty, as a symbol of his power. Little by little, this tea was taking also at the homes of other powerful, until you reach the village level.

Their properties and benefits for health are so wide that the white tea has been used in traditional chinese medicine for centuries. In addition, they contain very little caffeine, it is a tea that can be taken at any time of the day, and may even be taken, so moderate, by people who have heart problems, that will help you to improve your cardiovascular health.

Its flavor is mild and fruity, without being neither bitter, nor astringent, so that is very pleasing to all palates.

Both the properties, as the flavor and aroma of this delicious tea is must, without doubt, the process of preparing the same. And is that unlike other teas, the white tea does not go through the processing, withered, rolled and oxidation of other teas, but the buds are dried in the sun, until they take on a silvery color, the same as the tea to be infusionado. A process that is done completely by hand, which gives even more quality to the product, in addition to being this short, also arrive earlier at the hands of those who consume it.

But if there is something that distinguishes this type of teas of other in features are concerned, it is due to its high content in polyphenols, what makes the tea most antioxidant of all, much more than the green tea, despite the fame that has this last.

The benefits of white tea not only are felt in our health, but also in our external appearance, being the best ally to take care of our skin the natural way.

And now that we have entered in the field, what do you think if I speak to you more in depth some of the points that I just mentioned? Come with me and discover with me the fascinating world of white tea.

Properties of the white tea

As I have already mentioned above, the main property of this tea is the high amount of polyphenols, which makes it the most antioxidant known.

This amount of polyphenols, coupled with the catechins make this tea a throttle to burn off the fats of the body.

On the other hand, the theanine gives the flavor to this drink, and, in addition, it helps to relax, so it is usually used to treat problems of stress or anxiety, without forgetting that, due to its low caffeine content, is recommended to improve the cardiovascular health of people, reducing the level of bad cholesterol in the blood, as well as triglycerides and hypertension.

Various studies have shown that green tea is much more effective and powerful than vitamins E and C together, so that is one of the best natural antibiotics to treat common ailments and improve our defenses.

Benefits of white tea

Arising from the above properties, the main benefits of this tea are:

  • Protect cardiovascular health
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve the appearance of our skin
  • Help to lose weight
  • Reduces the retention of liquids
  • Reduces the chances of suffering from tooth decay
  • Combat fatigue
  • Prevents infections
  • Increases our defenses
  • Improves the memory and ability of concentration
  • Prevents cataract
  • Reduces the consequences of smoking in people who smoke
  • Improves intestinal transit by its high content in fibre, which is also not recommended eating more than 2 or 3 cups a day

White tea needles of silver, a pai mu tan very special

If before we were talking about that the white tea has a great quality, between the different varieties of this type of tea, the one that stands out the most is the white tea needles of silver. Its price is much higher than others, but it is fully justified: their production is very low, and is performed only in the area of china of Fujian mentioned before.

The shortage is due to that to produce just 1 kilo of this type of tea are necessary 80 tea plants. All the benefits and properties of those who enjoys, coupled with its unmistakable flavor make it one of the most famous, especially among the foodies, but also between the famous.

In fact, the properties of this tea are very used in cosmetics of high range. Not in vain, as we have already said, consume white tea enjoys this type of benefit.

White tea for weight loss

If the green tea has gained a reputation among the common mortals to add it to the diets of accompaniment, what is certain is that the white tea is widely used for the same purpose among athletes and celebrities.

But, why use both this type of people? Because it really does work, of course, if consumed alongside a healthy and balanced diet, as well as some exercise. And is that your large amount of fiber makes the fats do not remain in our body, in addition to improving the intestinal transit, contributing to the removal of excreta.

This, joined to help to eliminate the retention of liquids, makes that weight loss is not as hard. The best time to do this is to take a cup after each main meal.Ah! And don't forget that helps reduce the stress, the worst enemy when it comes to wanting to lose weight.

White tea during pregnancy and breastfeeding

When a woman becomes pregnant there are various considerations that you have to take into account so that the baby does not have health problems in the future, a proper diet is essential and it is at this point where there are a large number of questions, among others, with tea and infusions. In fact, it is one of the most common queries that we do.

In regards to the white tea, and according to the website developed by pediatricians and midwives e-lactancia.org the white tea has a low risk for both pregnancy and breastfeeding, for the baby, so...if it is your favorite or you're tired of always take the same infusions, you can drink a cup a day and enjoy its incredible taste.

How to prepare white tea

Despite being a very special tea, the preparation of the same is very simple and is done in three steps:

  • Heat the water we want to consume and leave it to boil until you reach 80 degrees.
  • Pour the water over your cup with the amount of white tea Pai Mu Tan picked (the ideal is 1 teaspoonful per 0.5 litre of water).
  • Leave to stand for between 3 and 5 minutes if you want a mild flavor, up to 9 if you want it stronger.

Where to buy white tea

This question is simple to answer, since you're in the best place. Do you dare to try it? We will be happy to know your opinion. Choose the white tea that suits your tastes!


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You're to the white tea of the highest quality is known. Its production is very limited, but their flavor is so mild and pleasant that engages everyone who takes it. Diuretic, antioxidant and barely any caffeine, once you try it you won't want to stop taking it.White tea needles of silver. 3 to 5 min. 1 Tablespoon of Coffee 60ºC.  

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Refreshing and slightly sweet, white tea Pai Mu Tan strawberry can be taken at any time of the day because it contains very little caffeine. It is ideal to take as much cold as hot, and protect you from colds, in addition to help you take care of your heart. I dare you to try it!Pai Mu Tan, strawberry, raspberry, cherry, elderberries and natural...

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This tea has been prepared with the leaves of white tea (Pai Mu Tan) of excellent quality, carefully harvested and selected to get a wonderful infusion with great antioxidant properties. It is characterized for having low caffeine. Its flavor is mild and pleasant. Pai Mu Tan Organic. 3 to 5 Min. 1 Tablespoon of Coffee 80ºC...

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White tea of excellent quality with an aromatization special Christmas, which makes this tea a product with a mild flavor, intense and tasty at the same time and that is very pleasing to palates very diverse.Paii Mu Tan, apple pieces, orange peel, piece of orange, sticks of cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, natural aroma. 3 to 5 min. 1 Tablespoon of Coffee...

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Imagine a tea soft, delicate, very digestive and you comforted in soul and spirit. That is the tea-Pai Mu Tan white Cherry! A tea that has been prepared to take on the day-to-day, but especially to accompany the end of meals and copious dinner, so sweet and light.Pai Mu Tan, cherry, roses, spices. 4 to 6 min. 1 Tablespoon of Coffee 70ºC.

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Soft and with the aroma of cinnamon and anise that get drunk every sip you give to this cup of tea. It is ideal to take to the middle of the afternoon or in the morning, and to accompany it with something sweet though, of course, you can also take only. Each cup will be a new explosion of flavorsPai Mu Tan, cinnamon, anise, ginger, black pepper,...

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Refreshing and soft. So is this white tea Pai Mu Tan Spring, the effect of which, when taken, makes honor to its name "spring" (spring in English), because that is like taking a breath of fresh air and pure when the field is blooming and it looks beautiful. A tea of those that surprises you.Pai Mu Tan, marigold, elderberry, aroma. 4 to 6 min. 1...

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