Red Tea (Pu Erh) 

Beyond being a tea depurative and very famous for its properties for weight loss, what is certain is that the red tea contains a wonderful world of benefits and curiosities that begin from your fermentation to reach our cup of tea.

Like the rest of the different varieties of tea, red or Pu-Erh tea is prepared with the flower of the Camellia S...

Beyond being a tea depurative and very famous for its properties for weight loss, what is certain is that the red tea contains a wonderful world of benefits and curiosities that begin from your fermentation to reach our cup of tea.

Like the rest of the different varieties of tea, red or Pu-Erh tea is prepared with the flower of the Camellia Sinensis, but what sets him apart from the green tea or black tea, for example? Basically, the process of fermentation, which is very special and gives it some unique properties, which will be discussed below and which make it so distinctive.

What is red tea?

The red tea or Pu Erh tea is originally from China, specifically the Yunnan province, situated in the southwest of the country. In fact, if the cultivation of this type of teas can be find in other parts of the world, is Yunnan which are the highest quality. Quality that is also appreciated in their degree of fermentation. As experts say: the greater the fermentation, the highest quality and best taste.

One of the curiosities of the red tea is that, in reality, it is a type of green tea (in which the system of planting and harvesting, it is referred to), but it is distinguished because after its preparation is enclosed in a barrel in which are introduced some bacteria (streptomyces bacillaris or cinereus). So, the Pu-Erh tea is considered a tea post-fermented.

One last detail: the red tea that, unlike the rest, you need a lot of time for its preparation (whether artisanal or industrial to speed up your process, although subtract quality, that is why ours are handmade). Some teas red pass, even decades fermenting in the barrels. However, the other teas can be ready for consumption in a few days or weeks. How curious, isn't it?

Properties and benefits of red tea

Did you know that the chinese consider the red tea as a “health tea”? And is that another of the curiosities of this tea is the form in which it appeared, by chance, as attested by the oldest sources of information, letting you spend more time of fermentation when seeking to develop a green tea.

This “coincidence” has made the red tea or Pu Erh tea retains, nearly in its entirety, all the properties of green tea which, incidentally, are not few, and those that bind the tea red. But, what are they? Mainly the following:

  • Antioxidant: due to the amount of polyphenols that occur during the fermentation process. So, the red tea is ideal to regenerate the cells of our body and, therefore, to care for inside and outside.
  • Stimulant: but not as much as black tea or green tea, because it loses much of this property during its fermentation process. However, taking red tea we will stimulate cognitive functions, to improve our daily performance,whether at work, if we practice sport or whether we are studying, for example.

In addition, it also regulates the functions of the nervous system, so that helps us to reduce stress and improves our mood in cases of mild depression.

  • Hepatic function: there are numerous studies that have shown that, taken moderately, red tea helps protect the proper functioning of the liver, besides helping us to debug our body, hence its effect burning fat natural.
  • Slimming: as we have already said, the red tea is a burning fat natural, but not only that, it also has great diuretic properties, so this also helps to diminish the retention of liquids, which is, in many cases, the cause of which some people fail to lose the weight that they need.
  • Digestive: one of the grandma's remedies to stop vomiting in gastroenteritis or diarrhea has always been to take a cup of red tea, in the second case, accompanied by a drizzle of lemon squeezed natural to increase the astringent properties of the first. This is due to the tannins it contains the red tea, in the second case, and the bacteria that is created during its fermentation, in the case of a remedy to stop the vomiting. In general terms, and provided that you do not abuse or our family doctor did not say otherwise, due to our state of health, the red tea improves the digestive system, being ideal to be taken at any time of the day (except when it is about the hour of sleep because, in spite of not being the tea with the highest amount of caffeine it contains).

Taking into account everything we have just mentioned, yes that would highlight some of the benefits that have not been mentioned by their properties:

  • Regulates cholesterol, according to a study prepared by the University of Yunnan. After a study conducted with patients who suffered this type of problems, it is recommended to take an hour or two after breakfast and lunch, a cup of red tea and so you'll notice its effects in this sense.
  • Relieves headaches and pain in the blood pressure, because of the different properties that are associated with it.
  • Reinforces the state of health of the bones, as it contains a large amount of calcium. So, change the milk by a red tea when the first you feel bad, it will be the best substitute for natural.
  • Improves the appearance of the skin, thanks to its antioxidant properties. This same property makes the state of health of smokers improve, to help regenerate the tissues that the tobacco destroyed because of the nicotine.

If you're already convinced that you include the red tea in your daily diet, sure you'll want to know the best or different ways to prepare it, in addition to the moments that are most conducive to take it, but before that, let me remind you of some aspects that you should keep in mind about the red tea, especially if:

  • You're pregnant, because it is a stimulating drink
  • You suffer from hypertension, for the same reason that the previous
  • You have problems with anemia, because problems are associated with absorption of iron, although it is not entirely proven, especially if the dose you take is small.

How to take and prepare red tea

You know as well as us that the taste of the tea depends a lot, not only the quality of the same, but the mode in which it is prepared. The first part gives the guarantee to us through the various certificates that we have, as well as the testimony of our clients, but the second is in your hand.

So, to make a good cup of red tea you'll need to follow the following steps:

  • Put to heat the amount of water we wish to consume, the ideal temperature is 100 degrees for the red tea. Can be heated in a tea kettle, a saucepan, or if you're in more of a hurry or you are looking for more comfort, in a tisanera that we will introduce in the microwave.
  • When it starts to boil, add the amount of red tea that we want to the infuser or ball infusora, or enter the pyramid, if we have opted for this second option more convenient and fast.
  • Let it sit, mostly, between 2 and 3 minutes, although some teas red require a bit more time but, as you well know, in aroma of Tea always indicate both the time of rest, as the ideal temperature of the water.
  • Once this time passes, remove the infuser or teabag, and now we can drink our red tea.

These are the basic steps to take to prepare a cup of red tea, but what is certain is that, unlike other varieties, Pu-Erh allows combinations as delicious and featureless as: add a cloud of milk, which makes the effect of the same is more satiating, or add a splash of fresh lemon, to be more astringent and depurative.

Another option very common and, in addition, will help you to wake up your senses, add a touch of cinnamon to the red tea, or even combine it with the milk that I mentioned above. And you, how do you usually prepare?

When is best to take red tea?

It is true that there is no consensus in this regard, but, generally, experts on health agree that to notice the effects of any tea, but the red in particular, are necessary 2 to 3 cups a day. Said before, another aspect to keep in mind is the issue of the absorption of iron, therefore it is recommended to take the tea a red or a green half-hour before or after meals.

From here, it is true that the best time to take this type of tea depends somewhat on your goals.

  • To take care of you: if you're looking for is take care of yourself-the natural way to improve your defenses and your state of health, in general, it'll be great to take a cup of red tea in the breakfast, since it will be activated for the rest of the morning. And is that, unlike coffee, tea has the property that the caffeine it contains is prolonged during a longer time than caffeine in the first. Mid-morning or mid-afternoon, also you will come to great effect digestive and dirético, helping to burn the accumulated fats and to control bad cholesterol.
  • For athletes: it is one of the favourite drinks for people who do sport, so I usually take it at breakfast, but also after doing sports to keep up with the effect-burning fat.
  • For weight loss: sure you've ever heard talk about the diet of red tea, although, this is not a diet per se, but a addition to a healthy and balanced diet, to which must be added the daily habit, or, at least, 3 times a week, do sports. If your goal is to lose around 3 kilos in a week, the experts on the diet of red tea explain that there is to take 4 cups of red tea a day: breakfast (to be possible, we first take), half an hour before or after lunch and dinner and as a snack.

Where to buy red tea?

You're in the best place to do it! that you've got a lot of information about the red tea, discover the different varieties and, of course, if you have more questions, we will be happy to help you

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