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There are two things we love to do when we go to fairs and markets theme that we visit throughout the year and for all the Spanish geography: on the one hand, seeing clients, many of them already friends, that we have in those places and, on the other, discover the products that you offer other artisans who, like us, lead up to these places the...

There are two things we love to do when we go to fairs and markets theme that we visit throughout the year and for all the Spanish geography: on the one hand, seeing clients, many of them already friends, that we have in those places and, on the other, discover the products that you offer other artisans who, like us, lead up to these places the best selection of the same, as is the case of the jams.

And we say discovery, because what is true is that we are lucky to be able to test and verify as well, by ourselves, the quality of the hundreds of products that are sold in these markets thematic.

Among these discoveries, years ago, that we met Ivan Noriega, Jams Don Ramiro. A business very similar to Aromas of Tea, since it is a small family business, where they make jams, artisan, only, with a natural raw material. Nothing of additives, or preservatives, or colorants: 100% natural.

We liked it so much, and such is the quality and variety of the same, we have decided to give them a space in our online store, because we consider that are the perfect complement to a healthy breakfast, as well as give an extra flavor or a different touch to your recipes, as do our teas, infusions and coffees.

Homemade jams and natural

These are the two words that best define the products of Jams Don Ramiro that you will find in this section. Two words that say it all and they are really true, unlike other brands that use them, deceiving the people who buy them.

Don Ramiro is all natural and craftsmanship: from the selection of raw materials, some of which are cultivated by themselves, passing by the manufacturing process of the jam, until your post dull and sale. Everything, absolutely everything, is natural and handmade.

So, there is no doubt that this kind of jams are the best to take care of our health, but also to surprise the other with marmalade gourmet that satisfy even the most demanding palates.

If the homemade jams that prepare our mothers and grandmothers or, even, we ourselves know very different to the trade, imagine how rich are these which are developed by hands of experts and professionals, and only with the best raw materials. It's a real sin!

So that you can check that it is only fruit, the jar is clear glass, with a neat label on which we can read, without misleading, the ingredients that have been employed for their preparation.

The availability of flavors of jams, respecting the times of the nature, vary depending on the season of the year in which we find ourselves, because in Don Ramiro, as Aromas of Tea, we believe in the benefits of the products in season and organic.

Precisely, the originality of the flavors was another aspect that caught the attention of Jams Don Ramiro. And is that while its more than 20 varieties we find traditional flavors such as strawberry, plum or peach, that you can buy in their online shop, Aromas of Tea, we wanted to incorporate those, would be difficult to find in other establishments that sell homemade jams online. Mango, Apple with kiwi or banana with a cookie, are some of them.

Of course, like our teas, coffees and infusions, we also wanted to be products for all, that is to say, for those who can eat a jam quietly, but also for those looking for jams for diabetics or jams without sugar. And the manufactured!

But do you know what is what really caught our attention? This is a type of product that fits, perfectly, among the details of company or wedding gifts for guests. Why? Because if the customer wants it, you can select the flavor, the amount of units (usually between 1 and 3), the size and the wrapper and make an original gift and healthy to their customers, family members, friends or other guests of a wedding, or any event in which they wish to deliver. A gift that appeals to everyone and not left to accumulate dust. It is completely customizable!

Jams for the health and well-being

If you know us well, you know that the health and well-being of our customers is something that we seek above all else and that we are very aware of both when developing our products, as in the sale and distribution of the same and these jams comply with the above requirements.

Why? On the one hand, because the be prepared only with raw materials 100% natural and do not carry any kind of additives, dyes, or preservatives, we guarantee that it is healthy food, of course, always and when not eaten in excess, like everything else.

On the other, because his taste is so natural and unique, that the experience of consuming Jams Don Ramiro, either for breakfast, snack, accompanying appetizers, canapes, tapas or other kinds of dishes and desserts is unique, providing a sense of well-being as a few products of the style can offer.

To verify this, you just have to make with some of them. You have to a single click, and you already know that the shipments we made in a maximum of 24-48 hours, with free postage for orders over 20 euros. More easy impossible!

Flavors such as figs, which can be used for both savoury dishes like sweets and which help us to curb obesity, reduce blood pressure, improve our energy level, as well as prevent diabetes or anemia, without forgetting his more well-known, laxative effect, improving the intestinal transit, without causing side effects.

The same thing happens with the blackberries that, consumed regularly, improve digestion and the immune system, combat fluid retention and are good for reducing the symptoms of arthritis that you suffer from some of our largest.

Bigger than love, in general, the taste of the plum, also easy to digest, and that can be shared with the rest of the members of the family because they prevent constipation, provide a number of vitamins and minerals to improve our defenses and, for those who are doing a diet, they are also a good accompaniment.

The apple is part of several of these jams, which improve the health of our bones and teeth, reduce the accumulation of liquids and provide us with vitamins such as E, a natural source of antioxidants.

A few antioxidants, and also we will provide the jams, apricot or strawberry, reducing the chances of suffering from heart problems or the occurrence of certain types of cancer, and also improve the skin tissue, and, therefore, our physical appearance and, at the same time, our state of mind.

A piece of paper, this latter, to which also contribute the oranges, which are known to be natural sources of vitamin C and D, but also reduce stress, depression and anxiety, in addition to being a cleansing, to help us to fight the bad cholesterol and the form of iron.

A mineral, iron, which is also found in peppers, whose jam may well be used to accompany dishes or recipes, sweet and savoury.

Jams natural in your recipes

The great chefs know that there are products that add up to in the kitchen and the jam is one of them, on the one hand, because they enhance the flavor and surprise on the palate as long as they are natural and homemade, as Don Ramiro, and, on the other, because they are the source of health, and in that, they are also great experts in their sector.

So, we invite you to enter jams in your recipes, such as pumpkin, which go very well in pies or cherry, which paired perfectly with all kinds of cheeses, but especially with the creamy and which can also accompany meat or any type of candy, giving them a unique touch and original.

As original will be those dishes of red meat that include jam, wine, onion or raspberry, for example. If you prefer white meats, lemon marmalade, or of orange will leave with your mouth open, your guests are the most critical. In the case of fish, we recommend the jam of carrot, tomato or red peppers.

And what about for starters? Opt for basic products, that allow you to play with creativity, without having to invest a lot of time and that give as a result a trundle delicious, as for example, brick of foie gras with marmalade, pear, vegetables in tempura with pineapple jam, toast, brie cheese with fig jam, or a cup of cottage cheese with orange marmalade sweet or bitter.

Of course, we do not forget the desserts. Nothing is simpler and richer than a cake of lemon to that, once that is done, we introduce a layer of strawberry jam in the middle or a cheese-cake with raspberry jam or blueberries on top.

Can you come up with more ideas to elaborate homemade jams? We look forward to hearing them!

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Strawberry, sugar, and agar-agar. Net weight: 250 grams.

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70% of kiwi fruit, 30% apple, sugar and agar-agar. Net weight: 250 grams.

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Delicious to drink at any time, but especially in the morning or in the afternoon snack, the jam of apple with cinnamon is a true delicacy of the gods. In addition, it marries perfectly with meats and can be your best ally to prepare delicious desserts Apple, sugar, cinnamon and agar-agar. Net weight: 250 grams.

2,99 € 3,15 € -5%

Tomato, onion, sugar, oil, and agar-agar. Net weight: 250 grams.

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Orange, sugar. Net weight: 250 grams.

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Blueberries, sugar, and agar-agar. Net weight: 250 grams.

2,84 € 3,15 € -10%

Banana, orange, sugar, 1.5% biscuit (WHEAT flour, vegetable fat, whey powder, glucose syrup and fructose, salt, gasificante, emulsifier and aroma). Net weight: 250 grams.

2,68 € 3,15 € -15%
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