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If you like teas and fruit trees, this matcha tea with the flavour of kiwi and cherry is going to become part of your favorite teas, once you try it. Ideal to start the day, providing the body the amount of vitamins it needs to boot. Also to make desserts such as crepes, pancakes or biscuits that will appeal to all palates.Green tea-matcha green flavor...

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Green tea matcha organic orange flavor and mint.                                                       

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Matcha Eco-friendly Special Kitchen for you to enjoy in your recipes of the great benefits of antioxidants. Capacity: 30 gGreen tea matcha organic for cooking.

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Green tea matcha organic strawberry flavor, and vanilla.                                                       

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Green tea-matcha green flavor of elderflower.                                                       

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This finely powdered green tea is one of the most popular in Japan, for its smooth taste and the multiple benefits it has for health. Antioxidant, increases energy, reduces stress and improves concentration. Use it in your meals or mix with milk or juice of natural fruit. I love it!Green tea matcha eco-friendly....

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Green tea matcha organic caramel flavor.                                                       

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Green tea matcha organic blackberry flavor.                                                       

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Green tea matcha organic orange flavor.                                                       

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