Chai Tea 

Before you begin to read, let me ask you a question: “what flavour or flavours you associate India?”. I don't know you at all, but I'm sure of that, I would probably respond: “cinnamon and spice”. Since this is, precisely, the base of the chai tea.

Used by ayurvedic medicine for more than 4000 years, the same is considered as a restorative na...

Before you begin to read, let me ask you a question: “what flavour or flavours you associate India?”. I don't know you at all, but I'm sure of that, I would probably respond: “cinnamon and spice”. Since this is, precisely, the base of the chai tea.

Used by ayurvedic medicine for more than 4000 years, the same is considered as a restorative natural to the body. Something that is not surprising taking into account that this type of natural medicine hindu venerates the properties of the spices, everything is said of step are very extensive.

Properties which increasingly have more in mind on the european continent, but that it has not been until does relatively little good in the time when you have started to take into account. At least, not those that are commonly used to prepare this type of tea, as the cloves or the ginger.

Later we'll talk about it, but before anything else I would like to talk to you about the curious history of chai tea, how it came to become popular well beyond its place of origin, and also to tell the different ways to prepare this type of infusion.

All in all, I would like to ask you a little tour by way of summary by the world of chai, until arriving to our days and to all the variants that exist in this regard, without losing its essence: an infusion of aromatic, extremely healthy, and that, like other teas, are an excellent restorative for the body and the soul. Thank you for joining me!

What is chai tea and what is its origin?

Before anything I would like to make a clarification: the chai tea, as such, exists from the beginning of the NINETEENTH century, but the chai or masala chai, that is to say, the remedy of ayurvedic medicine, prepared with spices and whose aim was to improve digestion, blood circulation or reduce different types of pain, that yes, exists for more than 4000 years.

So why do we speak of chai tea? Now I'll explain. At the beginning of the NINETEENTH century India was a colony of the british. These, in turn, were a little “disenchanted” with the treatment of the chinese in what the price of tea is concerned, so they decided to plant some varieties of tea in India; in particular, began to plant tea black Assam. A variety which receives this name in honor of the valley in which it is grown.

The problem with that is they found the English was that the indians had no habit of drinking tea, but they were forced to do so. So for that they knew best and in order that was even more healthy, began to add the spices and, in some cases, also the milk.

It is from that time when, really, begins to become popular what today we know as chai tea and every time you have more success. In fact, according to some experts on trends in food, you dare to say that within a few years this drink will be as popular as coffee or latte.

But, how is the chai tea? Here also, the list of varieties could be nearly as wide as villages in the south of India, where this beverage is consumed especially. However, the recipe most common contains the following ingredients:

  • Black tea (in principle, Assam, but is also used by the Darjeeling or the tea of Ceylon)
  • Cinnamon
  • Nail
  • Cardamom
  • Black pepper

Other spices used to prepare this delicious infusion are ginger, anise or vanilla. So, this tea, like I said at the beginning, it is very aromatic, digestive, and a strong flavour, but very pleasant to the palate, despite the mix of spices used to prepare it.

Properties and benefits of chai tea

And, sure now you ask, why it is becoming so popular? what are their benefits? Take note because the list is really long and, I'm sure, that you will love it and it's going to be one of those teas that you always have in your list of favorites:

  • Digestive: this is one of the main features of this famous drink hindu. Something that should, without doubt, to the spices that are used for its preparation. In fact, even though it is a drink created by the ayurvedic medicine, the traditional medicine has also recognized its benefits in this regard. In this sense, the chai tea helps clean the body. Ideal for debugging after periods of heavy meals, such as christmas. If you have problems with flatulence, the chai tea will help you to remove them and finish with them.
  • Improves concentration: thanks to the amount of caffeine it has. In addition, it helps to activate the mind, making it ideal to take in the morning or in periods of exams or large loads of work. In the same way, we will help keep stress levels at bay.
  •  Reduces halitosis: as I have already mentioned, this type of tea is highly digestible, so that also helps to combat halitosis, in most cases caused by bad digestions. The cinnamon and cardamom has a lot to do in this regard.
  •  Promotes blood circulation: something that is very related to the benefits that cinnamon has on the human body.
  •  He takes care of our cardiovascular health: as I just said, the chai tea improves blood circulation, besides being an excellent antioxidant, thanks to the flavinoides and catechins it contains, which helps to regenerate dead cells, by reducing, in turn, the chances of developing certain types of cancer, at the same time improves the appearance of our skin. In the same way, the chai tea lowers cholesterol.
  •  Increases the defenses: if you combine all the properties of black tea, as well as of the spices with which it is made, it is not surprising that this type of tea is considered as one of the best natural remedies to increase the defenses and keep them at bay throughout the year.
  • Anti-inflammatory: thanks to the properties of some spices, like clove or cinnamon, so if you have a headache, take a chai tea you sit phenomenal, but also for stomach aches or other inflammations of the body, as the sore throat. In this sense, the natural medicine recommends to take it to the people who suffer from arthritis, because it will reduce their pain.
  • Lose weight: of course, people who want to lose weight also may find this tea a great ally, because it reduces the problems of retention of liquids and the black pepper is a fat burning natural by excellence.

As ever, the list is extensive and we can not forget the mental well-being that offers to take a cup of this type, at least 1 or 2 times a day (it can take up to 3, but it is not recommended to take more than that amount).

Recipes of chai tea

As we have already said, the chai tea comes from India and in function of the area in which we find ourselves, the recipe to make it will take a few or other ingredients. The traditional one is the black tea, which we mentioned a few lines above and comes from the south of the country. This mixture of black tea and spices will add a bit of milk. There are who

However, if we moved to the west of India, chai tea is usually made with green tea and add a handful of raw almonds and peeled. These almonds, previously, will be crushed until they are dust. In this type of tea is typically not to use the milk.

What is not often cast, at least not in the traditional recipe, is sugar or other sweeteners, but if you prefer so, make it as natural as possible.

When is best to take chai tea?

Since it is a type of tea that is digestive and invigorating, this tea is ideal to drink at breakfast, but also after lunch or mid-afternoon; yes, it is not recommended to take it at night, because it is very likely that costs you sleep. In that case, and if you really like the taste of chai, you can opt for other variants you'll find Aromas of Tea, as is the rooibos chai.

Where to buy chai tea

Effectively, you're in the best place for you to get an authentic chai tea black or chai tea green. Of course you can do it yourself at home, but why spend more money being able to enjoy an authentic chai tea made with black tea, Assam premium quality? You only need to add milk if you prefer.

In addition, in this section of chai tea you can also enjoy other varieties you'll only find in the Aromas of Tea, such as rooibos chai, white tea Pai Mu Tan Chai or chai tea soluble, so take this drink it's even more simple.

Finally, and as a chai, really special and own the house, we invite you to try the chai tea with turmeric, where this last ingredient is the protagonist and it shows in the taste, but also in the benefits that it brings to our health.

And you, what kind of chai tea you get?

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Black tea (36%), pieces of cinnamon, slices of turmeric root (10%), pieces of ginger, anise, black pepper, cloves, cardamom seeds, chiles, cardamom whole. 3 to 5 minutes 100 ° C

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The tea most famous of India, with a personalized touch. This is what you'll find when you make this chai with turmeric, very digestive and with a spicy touch, perfect to start the day or take after meals (especially if they are heavy)Black tea (36%), pieces of cinnamon, slices of turmeric root (10%), pieces of ginger, anise, black pepper, cloves,...

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If you like your teas fresh and different, this is your tea. Identity of the indian culture, its aroma will transport you to this country so magical and mystical. Your taste will be very nice, as it is somewhat smoother than traditional green tea. Very cool. Green tea, cardamom seeds, ginger, black pepper, cloves, cinnamon and mint. 3 to 5 Min. 1...

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Soft and with the aroma of cinnamon and anise that get drunk every sip you give to this cup of tea. It is ideal to take to the middle of the afternoon or in the morning, and to accompany it with something sweet though, of course, you can also take only. Each cup will be a new explosion of flavorsPai Mu Tan, cinnamon, anise, ginger, black pepper,...

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Chai spiced soluble. Capacity: 250 grams

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If you like the tea to have a little touch spicy, this will bring you in the Aromas of Tea you'll love. Our chai tea black has been developed with the typical spices of this drink hindu.Black tea, cinnamon, anise, ginger, clove, black pepper, chicory, cardamom seed, cardamom.   3 to 5 minutes 1 Tablespoon of Coffee 100th

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Similar to the Chai with black tea, the main advantage of this infusion is that you can take at any time, as they do not contain caffeine. In addition, the pepper that is built-in gives an interesting point-to-spicy, which makes it different from the rest, with a pleasant tasteRooibos, aniseed,ginger,black pepper, cardamom,cinnamon,clove and aroma. 8...

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