Tea In Pyramids 

Said Eleanor Roosevelt, “The tea bags are like women: you never know how strong you are until you are in hot water”. And that is, if something can give a lot of yes, that is a tea bag or a pyramid tea, as is his real name.

It is clear that the more extended use, is to prepare an infusion, but are also used for home remedies in cosmetics, such a...

Said Eleanor Roosevelt, “The tea bags are like women: you never know how strong you are until you are in hot water”. And that is, if something can give a lot of yes, that is a tea bag or a pyramid tea, as is his real name.

It is clear that the more extended use, is to prepare an infusion, but are also used for home remedies in cosmetics, such as air fresheners natural in a closet with clothing and in other duties of the household that, if you're still reading, we will tell you. But do you know what is the best thing about these pyramids tea? Oh how comfortable they are! And that can be used at any time, place, and occasion.

If you use habitually, you do not need that you say, but if you are used to take the loose tea, I invite you to do from time to time also in this format. I know that it costs to change habits, but, think about it: how many times, while on vacation in a hotel or when you're working and you have no choice you get to prepare a tea in the suitable conditions to do so as what you do in your house, do not you would like to be able to do it? If the answer is “many”, I invite you to that you too can prove the pyramids of tea.

Benefits of using pyramids of tea

Those people who are used to take the loose tea always have lots of questions about the tea bags. Why? Mainly, because they feel that the taste is very different to when you take it and bulk, however, this is not true at all. And I say all because it is true that, in part, depends on whether the material is used to build the pyramid of tea leaves to pass all the properties of the tea leaves included in it, as well as the quality of the raw material.

But if you stop to think, it happens exactly the same with the loose tea: if the infuser is used is very dull, or the opposite, and if the product used is not of quality or has not been kept in good condition, then, the tea also does not know the same. So, in that sense, we are in the same. And, however, using tea bags, as bulk, it also has its advantages. Take note:

  • Its preparation is quick and simple: you don't even need a glass special; you can do it in one normal, in a cup or tisanera, but also in cups or vessels airtight.
  • You can take them with you wherever you want to, of course, always and when you take action in a place where they will not be damaged, but any purse, backpack, and even, the pocket of the trousers may serve to bring a tea bag and take it wherever you please.
  • You can enter your same tea you want in them (then we tell you how) and make your own combinations. Aromas of Tea, we have more than 200 varieties, but it is clear that it can't rain at taste of all.
  • Can be reused, primarily for other uses, but also to return to do another tea (although not the best thing; then, we talked about that).
  • Stain less tea bulk, because you use less utensils, but also because once in use, the strips in the trash and ready, you don't have to walk peleándote with leaves that remain attached to the infuser.

Are a few reasons to at least try them and see if you like to use them once in a while, don't you think?

History of the tea bags

I recognize that this is one of my favorite stories related to the world of tea and, oh, look at that, there are curious stories! Well, first of all, the self-discovery of the tea and...it...has a nuance like that, because its use was the result of chance.

His, without wanting to, the inventor, the tea trader Thomas Sullivan thought that in these bags (by the way, in the form of a sac at that time) were the best way to send samples of tea to their clients all over the world. When you receive them, just had to remove those leaves from the bag and make your tea, as they had always done.

However, chance would have it, all or most of the people who received these samples, consider that you brew the tea directly from the bag was a lot more comfortable than doing it the traditional way and so it was that, little by little, and without intending it, that use is extended. It was the year 1904.

Materials and shapes of tea bags

I have spent more than 100 years and we are still using! Yes, or the material with which they are made, nor the way, remains the same, although their mode of use. When it started to do famous these bags of mr. Sullivan, the same is made with silk and, by the way, is called colatés. .

As with anything new, there always has to be perso- nas that criticize him, so that before the complaint from the more purists who claimed that the fabric of the silk was too fine, Sullivan was replaced by gauze, something that seems to be that persuaded them more. Until, in 1930 came the bags heat seal, made with fibers of paper, in the hand of William Hermanson.

Commercial use despegaría from the decade of the 50's and, since then, they have been testing different materials and also shapes. In fact, today you can find practically almost any shape, although most of them are rectangular or in the shape of a pyramid.

And you know what? This difference has a clear explanation: the bags, rectangular, normally, contains the remains of the tea leaves, or they have been crushed, however, in the tea bags in the form of a triangle, the pyramids of tea, the leaves come whole and, therefore, the taste, the aroma, and the quality, in general, are better. Therefore, in the Aromas of Tea you will find only this kind of format.

Variety is also found in the materials that are used. The most widespread is the paper, which is typically done with vegetable fibres, but also continue to be developed in silk, or nylon. Many of them are closed with a staple and the other with a rope, being this last the method is more hygienic to use when introducing the sachet in the hot water.

Can you reuse tea bags?

That is usually the question that we are asked many times. Can you? Yes, once more you can reuse, but what is certain is that the tea or infusion that you prepare with it will not have the same intensity, nor the same taste.

Another thing is that't re-use that bag for other purposes and, in this way, you can make doubly. Do you want to know how you can reuse tea bags? You the story then, because you'll be amazed at all the uses that can be given.

Other uses of tea bags

Let's start talking about the uses in cosmetics. Did you know that tea bags can help to lower inflammation dark circles under the eyes the natural way? Put yourself in situation: you've spent the previous night partying and you had to get up early or, for whatever reason, you've fallen asleep crying or has been very difficult to sleep this night. The result the next day is the same: sleep and dark circles. What do you do? You prepare a green tea or a black tea in pyramid that will awaken the spirit and mind, and when you remove the bags and leave them on a plate to allow it to cool down. Then, place them over your eyes and leave it for about 5-10 minutes. You'll see how your look is much more healthy and the swelling of dark circles under the eyes will be just a memory! And you don't need makeup!

Not only that, but you can also reuse the contents of the tea bags as a natural fertilizer for the plants. Cheap and eco-friendly. Does anyone give more? If the bags do not carry staples and are made of biodegradable material, then you can plant directly.

What you can't stand bad odors? The tea bags, once you have used them and they have cooled, have the same effect as the baking soda: absorb odors. So if you want to eliminate those that bother you in the closet of the shoes (provided it is not very large, in that case you will need several together) or in a specific area of the kitchen or the fridge, for example, the tea bags will be of great help.

If you have swollen feet after a hot day or have walked a lot and, besides, it smells bad, puts the tea bags in a bucket where you can clean your feet, and you'll notice its anti-inflammatory effect and the absorption of odors.

Make your own tea bags

Because varieties of tea there are many, but tastes a lot more, you can not always be the tea or infusion is the exact that you wouldn't like, unless we prepare ourselves. How what can you do? Very easy: you just need to make our tea bags, fill them with the teas you want and close the cuerdita. Are simple to use and very comfortable to wear.

This way, you will have the amount of tea you want and the flavor exactly as you want. And if so simple is, how do you like to make a gift to someone? Maybe the guests of your wedding? What do the clients of your query? Only you will know the perfection of these people. You will be very well and will take much less time than you think.

Where to buy tea bags

You're in the best place to do it. You just have to select the one or ones that you would like to have in your hands, to take it at home or wherever you go. In a couple of clicks and 24 or 48 hours you have them at home, with free postage from 20 euros. It's almost as simple as taking a good infusion prepared with the pyramids of tea or also called tea bags!

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