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Put yourself in situation: 8 in the morning in a big american city; let's say that New York. A girl comes out of his house perfectly dressed and elegant, with a briefcase in one hand, while with the other calls a taxi. When you arrive in front of the drafting of the fashion magazine for which he works, stops, stops at a coffee shop of fashion a...

Put yourself in situation: 8 in the morning in a big american city; let's say that New York. A girl comes out of his house perfectly dressed and elegant, with a briefcase in one hand, while with the other calls a taxi. When you arrive in front of the drafting of the fashion magazine for which he works, stops, stops at a coffee shop of fashion and comes out at 2 minutes, with a coffee in the hand that you have served in a vessel of cardboard (not foam cups).

This scene, so typical of the comedies american is a lot more than usual today in any city in the world. Every day there are more establishments that serve coffee to go, especially first thing in the morning, mid-morning and early afternoon.

But there is another reality that is increasingly present: the companies that have coffee machines for their employees to be able to enjoy this delicious drink at the end of the day. Some of them are in the office, others in the own tables of the shipments.

Have these coffee machines at the disposal of the workers is a good idea: the person rises from their site, it clears and take a coffee or even a tea or chocolate (the coffee single-serve allow that variety it today) which is comforting during a time. However, what these machines can do is preserve for a long time the temperature of the beverage that the person wants to take.

However, that is something that yes you get the cups for tea or coffee foam; some products that arise from the idea of taking your coffee, tea or infusion down the street or in the office, as we quoted at the beginning of this text, but with the addition that they retain the heat or cold of the beverage inside of them.

As things are, matter little the calls unwelcome each time you put on a coffee at work, or emergency work when you just serve a cup of tea, or visits inappropriate when you decide to take an infusion or a hot chocolate, because the drink that you have chosen will retain its temperature for a long time. Welcome to well-being when you need it.

What is a glass thermal?

I am more than sure that you perfectly know what is a glass thermal, but in the event that there was someone that did not have clear or confound this term, for example, with vacuum flasks airtight, I would like to give a brief definition of what is a glass thermal.

As the terms hermetic, the glass also helps to keep the heat or cold of the beverage that get inside and do so for a long time, whether or not it has a lid. There are different materials and features, and the main difference with the thermos is that the former, as their name indicates, are designed to drink comfortably, usually in a fixed place (as it may be at home or in the office),while the terms are intended to maintain for hours the temperature of the beverage, while we, for example,to walk or travel.

In the case of the glass heat, which has a double layer, it will not matter what destapemos while we drink, because that will keep the temperature and not let the cold or hot outside influence in the drink (not, at least, if the glass is of quality).

What, then, to whom they are addressed to this type of product? What is certain is that for all the world, but it will come to great:

  • People who hate taking the coffee or tea, cold or temperate
  • For people who take these drinks while working
  • For those who like to keep your drink cold and not temple while the van is taking.
  • For the tardones that in the morning they rush out of the house without having a cup of coffee and have time to take it during your commute to work or school.
  • For students at exam time: while studying can go giving sips to the tea, coffee or infusion, and I sit in wonder, in addition to help them to unwind and even go into heat. There is nothing more unpleasant than to stay cold in front of a computer or some books.
  • For mothers and fathers who are always left with the coffee, the tea or the tea cold while giving you breakfast, lunch or dinner to their children, or while trying to dormirlos. If you laughed...and you will be sure that you know what I'm talking about!

Aren't you among the description of people who've just given, but you want one? Of course! At the end of the day, a glass of heat does not cease to be a glass of normal, but that has the characteristic of maintaining the temperature of the beverage for a longer time and don't let the outside temperature influence on the drink. If, in addition, this vase has a lid, nor will they enter the dust or other external agents that can be cast in our drink and that is so unpleasant.

In addition, if the cap just mentioned is airtight, it is ideal for those people who are somewhat clumsy, and that, on more than one occasion and without realizing it, pour the coffee or tea that they are taking, with what that implies for papers or office supplies that have then on the table.

History of foam cups

You already know that Aromas of Tea always feel curious about the origin of our products, so in this case we have also investigated to know at what point in time did the idea of creating a glass heat you know what has surprised us? The idea was born more than a century ago, namely, in 1891. Do you have an idea? We would have said that was a product of the 70's or 80's and...oh, what was our surprise!

But, eye! There is a trick on that date. Yes that is associated with the creation of the foam cups, but when created did not have a residential or commercial use, but is made for the storage of liquid gases in containers.

Well, the responsible of that today we have foam cups is the scottish physicist and chemist James Dewar, who worked at the Royal Institution of London. It was he who on the aforementioned date designed a device that could isolate the liquid oxygen in industrial quantities. A year later, in 1982, used covered containers vacuum in order to store liquid gases, in this way was born the glass thermal or “Dewar vessel, as explained in the web some culture. The current use, you know him as well as we do.

How and where to wash them

One of the questions that we often make is that of how to wash these vessels. In reality, it's like any cup or glass: it is ideal to wash them by hand, because that way it hurt less, but, in reality, all or almost all of the foam cups today can be washed in the dishwasher if you so desire.

Depending on the depth, there are also many people who use scouring pads elongated which are used to clean feeding bottles of children. In this case, what we recommend is that you do it with care, in the event that the material the vessel is made of glass. If they are made of ceramic or other material, do not have to give any problems.

Benefits of using foam cups

It is clear that the greatest benefit is that it has preserved for a long time the temperature of the beverage that we have tucked inside, but it is that, in addition, it also has psychological benefits for people who use it: if the coffee, tea, or the infusion are warm at all times....what a great pleasure! And if you keep the water cold...what a refreshment more enjoyable and healthy!

And now that you know all this, why not you dare to try them? Take a look at all you'll find in this section and if you take something of less or have any questions, just write us or leave us a message and we will respond shortly. I here the foam cups!

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Elegant, this glass thermal is ideal to keep in the office and you can take your tea, infusion or coffee in a comfortable fashion and preserving the heat of the same. It can also be a good gift. The glass thermal has a capacity of 0.27 liters and contains a silicone lid.

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Capacity: 0,27 l. If, in addition to a cat lover, you are one of those people that always like to carry your hot beverage on the street, this is the accessory that I was missing.

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