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Our offer of tea green is the result of our commitment to the health. It may sound cliché, but, really, what matters most to you in the Aromas of Tea is the health. In fact, our passion for the world of teas started linked to that feeling, that is to say, to be able to offer a wide variety of healthy products to our customers and not only thro...

Our offer of tea green is the result of our commitment to the health. It may sound cliché, but, really, what matters most to you in the Aromas of Tea is the health. In fact, our passion for the world of teas started linked to that feeling, that is to say, to be able to offer a wide variety of healthy products to our customers and not only through the traditional teas or infusions, but combining the same with other medicinal plants, fruits and spices, always looking for the perfect balance between taste, aroma and health.

And if we talk about health, without a doubt, the highest quality are those made with raw materials ecological. For this reason, each time we have more teas and herbal teas under this name. Yes: when we talk about teas organic Aromas of Tea we always do, first, after making sure that our suppliers have the appropriate certificates and, in the second place, certificándonos ourselves and, therefore, each one of our products, thanks to the seal of quality that you can find in all the boxes or envelopes in which you get your tea home.

On this certificate we will talk about later, but, first of all, I would like to talk to you about the reasons why we feel, it is good to the consumption of organic products.

Reasons to consume teas organic

Surely you will also have other arguments to add to that we're going to give, but the main reasons are the following:

  • Are products that are not genetically modified: it follows that, on many occasions, their appearance is much more 'ugly' and, however, its flavor and aromas will be authentic. Therefore, also improves the quality of the product.
  • Do not contain pesticides: other methods are used to prevent pests or diseases, so they are also much healthier for human consumption. While it is true that pesticides used in agriculture are suitable for people to, subsequently, consuming such products, will always be much better that they do not contain any chemical element.
  • Not containing antibiotics: although in the case of the world of tea is not often used, yes there are products that are sold in stores that contain them, as is the case of the meat of animals.
  • They are more nutritious: having not been treated at any time, do not lose vitamins, or minerals and, therefore, once more, are more healthy.
  • Are more respectful of biodiversity: they produce less greenhouse gases, do not pollute the soil due to the absence of pesticides and other chemicals, and in addition this type of farming is it avoids large expanses focused on a single product, doing productions on a smaller scale and of product more varied, so that it makes better use of the land. In addition, the amount of water used on these crops is only the necessary.
  • In case of using additives for better conservation, these will always be natural.
  • They are respectful with the times of nature and, therefore, only be harvested in the seasons that correspond to them, managing to preserve all the properties of the products of the season.
  • Promotes energy saving: for the cultivation of teas ecological predominate the renewable energy, which means savings for the farmer, but also to the Government and consumers.

In short: they are healthier, because they do not contain any type of additive, or chemicals, in addition to keeping their natural properties intact and are, on the other hand, of higher quality, because all of the crops that are certified under a quality label have to follow the standards of most exquisite and demanding. A few rules that are followed since the product is grown, until delivery to the consumer and is regulated by Law.

Taking into account all the reasons mentioned above, insurance that now will not strange to know why every time we have more products of organic origin.

Our seal of certification of our tea organic

It is clear that all the world can say that it is offering a tea, eco-friendly, but only you will be able to demonstrate if it has the certification as well as guarantees, as is the case with our products. If you want to buy you eco-friendly online will be a guarantee for you, but also for us to know that, in fact, comply with the objectives that we have set and with the peace of mind that we offer a quality product, with all the guarantees.

In Spain, as stated in the web Ifeel.com “the organ that has the powers is the CRAE, Regulatory Commission of Organic Agriculture, attached to the MAP (Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food). Its role is to advise, to be a forum of encounter in the sector among consumers, the central administration and the Autonomous Communities”.

In particular, in the Aromas of Tea, we have two types of seal of organic certification: that has given us the CAAE through your department in Castilla La Mancha and the Organic Bio Logo of the European Union. Therefore, each time that you purchase some of our teas or infusions ecological, you'll always find these two seals, as well as a registration number on each one and you can always verify that we are really the providers of tea, green, by consulting the databases of the above-mentioned official bodies.

Differences between teas, natural and organic

It is clear that the natural products that you can find in our online shop or in other selling products of these same features have nothing wrong with it. In fact, we always build all our teas and infusions with raw materials of first quality. But we're not going to deny that as long as they are certified organic, the taste and the properties will be even better.

For this reason, many of us are asking yourselves, “really, what is the difference between a natural product and a tea eco-friendly?”. In addition to that we have already mentioned above, or of the price of the seconds, is usually more expensive (not by the fact that they are the teas organic, but because the production is lower). This second tends to be the main visible difference.

What, then, are natural products? Are those, as their name indicates, they have only ingredients from nature; in our particular case: tea leaves, medicinal plants, espacias or fruits, as well as natural aromas, in some cases. Of course, they are free of synthetic ingredients or artificial, which are also healthy.

For this reason, in all of our products you will always find the ingredients that we used for its development and, as you may see, do not contain any type of additive or chemical substances. In this way, we also guarantee the natural flavor and unique of our teas and infusions. Something that many of you agradecéis in your comments or with your fidelity, and that for us it is a pride.

These ingredients are then given to our teas and infusions or other healthy properties. Some of them come listed under the same name of the tea, such as, for example, the tea anti-stress, ideal, as its name indicates, if you're looking for a brewed tea to calm these symptoms or herbal tea to soothe the pains of menstruation or to reduce the discomfort of menopause, as it could be our infusion feminine vitality.

For those who have more doubts, you can always consult your benefits on the web or give us a consultation is completely free and any day of the year, through our social networks, email or washapp.

Types of tea green

Aware of the importance of consuming teas organic for all of us, as well as to the increase of the demand for this type of product, in each one of our sections you can find teas with warranty seal green: green tea organic, red tea organic, white tea organic, white tea and green eco-friendly, black tea eco-friendly tea matcha eco-friendly-and, even, herbal infusions green.

Some of our teas classics, like green tea tree or green tea rainbow can be purchased in your variety of tea, ecological, as well as the great essential ginger or the less well-known, but very healthy, moringa. In short, classic products and the new under the same name.

And you, do you miss any in the list and you would like to also have the label? Leave us a comment in our networks, email or through washapp. We'd love to hear from you and be able to respond to your needs on the tea green.

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Kukicha japanese green.3 to 5 min.1 Tablespoon of Coffee 80ºC

3,75 €
Out of stock

Green tea japanese green roasted in a pot of porcelain on carbon. A small amount of teina and an exquisite taste.   Green tea Hojicha organic.    2 to 3 min.   1 Tablespoon of Coffee 75ºC

3,75 €

Rooibos, raspberry leaves, strawberry pieces and natural aroma.  7 to 10 min. 100 ° C

3,27 € 3,85 € -15%

If you like herbal infusions and fruit with a touch of sweet, this rooibos is for you. A rooibos that you can take at any time of the day and with which you can accompany children and adults, that you'll find a sweet very healthy, in addition to provide them with vitamins and minerals. Without a doubt, one of the best substitutes of beverages industrial...

3,45 €

Pu erh tea (80%), green tea, strawberry, hibiscus, pineapple, rosehips and natural flavor. 2 to 3 min. 100 ° C

2,94 € 3,27 € -10%

If you like teas and fruit trees, this matcha tea with the flavour of kiwi and cherry is going to become part of your favorite teas, once you try it. Ideal to start the day, providing the body the amount of vitamins it needs to boot. Also to make desserts such as crepes, pancakes or biscuits that will appeal to all palates.Green tea-matcha green flavor...

21,56 € 23,95 € -10%

Especially recommended for treating digestive problems, chamomile, in addition, it also helps fight headaches, sporadic naturally, the ideal is to reduce premenstrual symptoms and to put off the cholesterol or, simply, enjoy a soothing tea and a sedative at any time of the day.Chamomile organic. 7 to 10 min. 100 ° C

2,37 € 3,65 € -35%

Rooibos, mate, limonaria, lemon grass, liquorice root, pieces of ginger, pink pepper, calendula flowers, mint leaves, lemon peel, black pepper and natural aromas.   5 to 8 min. 100 ° C

3,38 € 3,75 € -10%

Rooibos, raisins, coconut chips, rose petals, pieces of raspberry, cranberries, flowers of cornflower and natural aroma.   5 to 8 min. 100 ° C

3,95 €

Simply: wonderful. And not what we say, but all the customers who have tried it and have fallen in love with its smooth texture and its aftertaste especially on the nose and mouth. Worthy of the most discerning palates. Do you dare to try it?Rooibos, honeybush, green, fennel, anise, chamomile, safflower oil. 1 Tablespoon of Coffee 100 ° C

3,65 €

Sencha, Pai mu Tan, chunks of mango, bits of coconut, blossoms of pink and aroma . 4 to 6 min. 75ºC

3,29 € 3,65 € -10%

Spicy and aromatic. So is our tea chai black organic cultivation. If you liked the version of the chai traditional black, this has a few different nuances, with a touch of something more spicy and is ideal for breakfast or after meals.Black tea, cassia, ginger, clove, black pepper,cardamom.   3 to 5 minutes 100th  

3,29 € 3,65 € -10%
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