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Fennel, chamomile, peppermint, lemon balm, cardamom, lemongrass, sage, lavender, valerian, and nutmeg. 7 to 10 min. 100 ° C

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Perfect place to relax after a hard day or simply to enjoy it hot any time of the day in which we wish to give us a whim.Pieces of Turmeric (45%), pieces of ginger, anise, rind, cocoa and chunks of cinnamon. 5 to 8 Min. 1 Tablespoon of Coffee 100 ° C

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Infusion of leaves of Boldo, a plant well known for its multiple properties, among which we can highlight its benefits for the liver and gallbladder, prevent the assimilation of fats and their high power cleansing.Leaves of boldo. 5 to 7 min. 1 Tablespoon of Coffee 100 ° C

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Improves the cardiovascular system and acts to relax the nervous system.Hawthorn Berries 100% Natural. 6 to 8 min. 1 Tablespoon of Coffee 100 ° C

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As its name indicates, this infusion green is ideal for relaxing at any time of the day. It has a refreshing taste, with a touch of spicy to offset the cinnamon and licorice, sweetened.Fennel, pieces of cinnamon, liquorice root, pieces of ginger, lemon grass, black pepper, mint leaves, cloves and parsley. 5 to 8 min. 1 Tablespoon of Coffee 100 ° C

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Digestive and relaxing for excellence, the infusion of Hierbaluisa comes to complete a wide assortment of natural beverages that should be present in all homes where: the natural plant as a drug therapy to conventional problems. Mild flavor and pleasantLeaves of hierbaluisa. 7 to 10 min. 1 Tablespoon of Coffee 100 ° C

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Known for its relaxing properties, Aromas of Tea we have selected the best raw material from the same, 100% natural, so that it meets the expectations that are expected of a plant so much popularity. Soft and pleasant taste, is one of those products that can never miss in your house.Tila 100% natural. 7 to 10 min. 1 Tablespoon of Coffee 100 ° C

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If the situation that you're living in these moments you anxious, stop for 15 minutes. It is the minimum that you need to enjoy this nfusión to base of plants, spices and fruits are rigorously selected to achieve a relaxing effect. I breathe and enjoy!Cinnamon, licorice, ginger, fennel, orange peel, cardamom. 7 to 10 min. 1 Tablespoon of Coffee 100 ° C

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Relaxing, something spicy and a taste that is mild and pleasant. so it is the infusion of Sweet Dreams which has been produced after a careful selection of plants indicated especially for physical and emotional relaxation. 100% natural. Enjoy it!Fennel, chamomile, peppermint, lemon balm, cardamom, lemon grass, sage, lavender, valerian, and nutmeg. 7...

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There are moments of the day in which it is necessary to take a moment and relax, especially if the day has been, or is being harsh. For those times, especially to take before bedtime, has been produced this pleasant infusion.Honeybush, tulsi, basil, pineapple, ginger, licorice, pink pepper, cassia and buds of corn.  5 to 8 min. 1 Tablespoon of...

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The combination of natural plants such as orange blossom, valerian, or lavender give this tea made with rooibos, some effects of relaxing soothing and very pleasant, both in aroma and taste. This last is reinforced by the nice touch of the appleRooibos, orange blossom, valerian, lavender, apple, ceral blue and natural aromas. 7 to 10 min. 1...

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