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Who hasn't wanted to feel more handsome or increase your libido in any occasion? Surely you also, even though I only been once. And that is what we are going to deceive us: and all the days we feel great, nor do we have the same sexual desire and, yet, we all love to feel and know that we are attractive to others. As well, it says: to no one's ...

Who hasn't wanted to feel more handsome or increase your libido in any occasion? Surely you also, even though I only been once. And that is what we are going to deceive us: and all the days we feel great, nor do we have the same sexual desire and, yet, we all love to feel and know that we are attractive to others. As well, it says: to no one's bitter sweet.

But in this section we don't want you to talk about sweets, but of natural aphrodisiacs, that is to say, those foods, plants or herbs are endowed with some properties, or particular substances that enhance sexual desire and they end up with problems, for example, of erection in the case of man, acting as an invigorating natural or lack of reaching orgasm in the case of women, among other difficulties associated with the sexual appetite or sensuality.

History of the aphrodisiac

Since ancient times, human beings have sought to be able to enjoy their sexuality the way that most pleases him." In fact, since the ancient Greek civilization, the goddess Aphrodite represented the sensuality, the sexuality, the love, the desire, the lust or the playback.

The first natural aphrodisiac that is known is the mandrake, in fact, the effects of this plant are mentioned in the Old Testament, ensuring that already consumed by the egyptians. Later, in times of witches, it was also this plant one of the employees at the time of performing rituals or, at least, so described in the books of the time or that have been edited later.

In other cases, certain opiates like opium, hashish, or morphine have been used for such purposes, but we're not going to call them, because they do not cease to be drugs and we only talk about natural products, healthy and without side effects.

It is curious, moreover, that to certain foods have been granted aphrodisiac properties by the simple fact of his aspect, see the case of the banana or the carrot, which were seen as phallic symbols, as well as oysters, or pears, on behalf of the woman's body. However, none of them has aphrodisiac properties, except all the others that, they say, mixed with champagne, have a great potential. What have you tried?

Of course, yes, there are foods, plants and herbs that, despite not representing any sexual organ of the human being, yes they have the above-mentioned properties. We talked, among others, the ginger, the chocolate, the strawberries or the wine, among others.

All they want to talk about in this section, what are their concrete properties, as well as find out what kind of common problems related to sexuality can resolve or help, both in the case of men as in the women.

Some of them will serve both parties, but in other cases, there are products that have the greatest effect or only cause in one of the genres. I tell you everything.

Natural aphrodisiacs for women

That no one deceive you: women love sex as much as men; gone are those false myths about the headaches as an excuse not to practice sex or to be the man to take the reins of the sexual relationship.

No! Women can and want to live their sexuality in a natural way. However, this does not preclude, as in the case of men, the libido is not always at its best. In these cases, the natural aphrodisiacs can be your best asset.

But, what are they? Let us consider, first, the main problems of women in the field of sexuality.

  • Sexual dysfunction: a lot more common than it may seem, the total lack of sexual desire occurs in 30% of the Spanish women, a figure that increases among americans aged 18 to 53 years, according to an article published by the Efe Agency.
  • Dyspareunia or pain on intercourse: many times caused by some trauma or the fear of women to suffer this pain.
  • Difficulties to reach the orgasm: very common in women. On occasion the fault of your partner, in other, more severe problems that can be addressed in a query.
  • Vaginal dryness: it is not only common to women of more advanced age, but also among the young, causing many problems at the time of penetration.

When suffering from this type of problems, in addition to consulting a professional to help us, the following aphrodisiacs for women can help us:

  • Chocolate, in particular, the black, because it promotes the serotonin, responsible for relax and give us pleasure. Experts say that some of them may even become a substitute of sex.
  • Damiana, without a doubt, the best sexual enhancer that there is, and has been employed since ancient times. Later we will dedicate more space.
  • The cinnamon, besides having a great flavor increases our body temperature, waking up, in turn, the sexual appetite.
  • Raspberry, which serves to relax the muscles of the vagina and, therefore, enjoy more of the sexual act.
  • The coffee, which is not an aphrodisiac itself, although a study conducted in the united States in the 90's concluded that women who consumed it regularly were much more active than those that did not. Therefore, we would be talking about a sexual enhancer natural very nice.

Natural aphrodisiacs for men

The erection problems have been the most problems have been caused in the case of the sexual life of men. And not only by the hassle that this implies, but because over the centuries, this has been perceived as a lack of masculinity. Thankfully, times are changing.

But, is what was, the truth is that men, like women, have also sought out those natural aphrodisiacs for having good erections. In addition to the famous Viagra, it is pure chemistry, some of the best natural aphrodisiacs for men and act as invigorating are, in addition to the aforementioned damiana:

  • Mint: helps to improve erection, in addition to maintaining over time the member in this position, prolonging sexual intercourse, for the enjoyment of the couple.
  • Ginger: it helps to increase the potency in the male member. We will dedicate a space later.
  • Gynko Biloba: it keeps the sexual organ for a longer time in erection.
  • Royal jelly: although its effect is not immediate, but it is durable, so it is ideal to have good erections.
  • Nuts: nuts along with other nuts, such as hazelnuts or pistachios, arouse the sexual appetite and prolong the erection in the case of men. In fact, in many villages of China, this product is not missing on the night of the wedding.

Damiana: properties and benefits

The infusion of damiana is Viagra natural by excellence, with the difference that it does not have side effects, so is ideal for a night of passion or to arouse sexual desire, both in men as in women. If you're going to go to a romantic dinner or have a blind date...take it after dessert or along with it if, for example, are strawberries. The outcome will be unique!

Originally from America, especially from Mexico, Brazil or the south of the united States, this plant grows in dry areas has been used since the civilization of The Mayas.

In addition to improving the libido and the sexual act, this plant helps us to fight fatigue, as well as to improve our state of mind or end up with headaches, three problems that can ruin any sex date worth its salt.

Not only that, but this plant is also recommended to reduce problems of inflammation of the lips of the vagina, which would prevent to enjoy to the woman during the sexual act, or of frigidity, as well as cases of impotence, if we talk about the men.

Cinnamon: natural aphrodisiac

How many times you will be asked if you want to take cinnamon to the coffee in a bar? If you are one of those who rejects it, maybe you should start planteártelo, especially if that's going to be the last thing you take before you go to bed with your partner.

And is that cinnamon, in addition to give a pleasant taste and aroma in all of the products used, it also has properties sexual highlight. Experts say that this species is able to increase libido and sexual desire, but not only that: in the case of men who have many sexual relations on an ongoing basis, helps them to improve their erections.

To achieve these effects, it is recommended to take an infusion with cinnamon during 15 days, before lunch and dinner. Do you dare to try it, and us accounts or not what you need? Without a doubt, this is one of the infusions aphrodisiac more enjoyable, both for him and for her.

You can also try other infusions aphrodisiac , mixed with cinnamon and ginger, as our rooibos chai, green, or Pu Erh Flavors of the East. Do you dare to live the Dreams of the thousand and one nights with them?

Ginger as an aphrodisiac

In addition to being very much in vogue for help you lose weight or improve the body's defenses, the ginger is also another sexual enhancer natural, either mixed with cinnamon, as we have just mentioned, or by using a delicious infusion aphrodisiac of natural ginger.

The functionality of the ginger in this type of leadership is that it improves the blood circulation to the genital tract, thus improving your erection. That is to say, it is an invigorating natural. But not only that, ginger also enables you to release endorphins, which are responsible for stimulate the points of pleasure in the brain, thereby increasing sexual desire.

These are just some of the natural aphrodisiacs that taken by way of infusion aphrodisiac will improve your sex life. Do you know any more? Have you tested the effects that you mentioned? Do you need more help with plants and herbs aphrodisiac? It will help you!

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