Infusions Of Well-Being 

The world of the teas is almost as large as plants for the infusion that are there. And is that nature is really wise and has always known how to create the products needed to take care of our body. For that reason, because the natural thing is to take care of yourself and believe in the power of the medicinal plants, Aromas of Tea, we have de...

The world of the teas is almost as large as plants for the infusion that are there. And is that nature is really wise and has always known how to create the products needed to take care of our body. For that reason, because the natural thing is to take care of yourself and believe in the power of the medicinal plants, Aromas of Tea, we have developed an extensive list of infusions natural and ecological flavor very varied, so that everyone can find the one with which to delight your palate, on the one hand, and with the care, on the other.

To make them we have based on all the knowledge that over the years we have gained about the different plants employed, in addition to testing the combination of flavors and aromas of the same follows.

We are aware of which ailments are many and they all can't visit them all, but at least the main, especially those that have to do with issues such as defences, sore throat, cough, those that are most suitable for women at different stages of their life, those that best to go at times of stress or digestion, among other problems common to humans.

Thus, within this section you will find the following categories: infusions, slimming, herbal digestive, herbal relaxants, infusions aphrodisiac, herbal infusions revitalizing, infusions, energizers , or herbal fruit. These are the main categories, but the listing of the properties of these you will find within the same.

Medicinal infusions

Yes. Each and every one of the you'll find Aromas of Tea have medicinal purposes, although, of course, you do not have to use them for such purposes. But what is certain is that each one of the plants that we used to make them have medicinal properties and to be natural, without any kind of additive, or colorant, or sweetener, retain some or all of the properties of these medicinal plants is apparent.

Of course, in the case of suffering some type of ailment, anything as a consult to the family doctor, since he will be whoever is in charge of diagnosing our problem. But, once you know and except for the medical prescription, medicinal plants can help us to combat these ailments, and even, in many cases, prevent them.

So, drink 2 to 3 cups a day (if possible, without sweetener or you take them as well, that is as natural as possible, as for example, cane sugar or syrup, agave) will always be beneficial for our body. It is enough to know what weak points we have, to choose the infusion that we go to help, in addition to conquer for its flavor and aroma, and, believe us, you are sure to Aromas of Tea, you find it!

Herbal teas for diarrhea or for constipation, herbal teas for cholesterol , so that you can control in a natural manner and thus to control also cardiovascular health; infusions antioxidants, which will help you to have healthier skin, in addition reduce the chances of contracting certain types of cancer, herbal teas for a cough or to combat the common ailments of the throat, as well as infusions for headache, are just some of the many options that we offer.

In short, a world of natural health to your feet, and at prices to suit all pockets. In each one of our products, whether herbal teas in bulk or teas in pyramids you will find detailed information about its properties and benefits, as well as directions on how to prepare the infusions.

As many of us are you ask for a particular type, we want to focus a little more on them in the following lines.

Infusions digestive

How important is good digestion! And is that no one likes that feeling of fullness or bloating after certain meals, and much less if we have to go back to work with them or at bedtime. For this reason, a digestive tea after every meal will help us to improve our intestinal transit. To do this, nothing like selecting those developed on basis of medicinal plants digestive.

Some of these plants digestive that we can enjoy in the infusion it is worth to mention the following:

  • Chamomile: the flower that should never be missing in a home. There are so many properties! And, among them, is to improve digestion. But not only that, chamomile also reduces the burning of stomach as well as nausea, in addition to leave a pleasant sensation of well-being. And the best thing is that it can be enjoyed hot, but also by way of infusion cold when the heat tightens and does not lose its properties.
  • Tila: like the previous, this medicinal plant also helps to reduce bad digestions, as well as the stomach acidity. For that to take effect it is recommended to take a couple of cups of infusion of tila after the main meals.
  • Mint: in addition to having a taste and aroma very pleasant and distinctive and help to cool off, the mint improves transit in digestive tract and is very effective against halitosis. Like chamomile, this infusion may be taken cold or hot.

Infusions relaxing

Each time more people are at the end of the day, due to all the stress they have suffered during the day, come home with a degree of anxiety as you need to relax so that this situation does not affect your health. On other occasions, the weight of the work, with the children and the household tasks are also carried men and women into a state of nervousness, and stress huge. In the case of the younger, the times of exams are to blame for altering the nerves.

If any of the cases just mentioned is yours, a relaxing infusion you sit phenomenal. But, what are the most suitable to do this? In addition to the chamomile and linden which we have already mentioned in the previous section, mainly, made of the following medicinal plants:

  • Lemon balm: rich in pollen, so that it is ideal for improving our defenses, melissa has been employed since ancient times to end up with periods of stress and anxiety. It is also ideal to improve digestive problems.
  • Valerian: it is the plant anti-stress par excellence. That which is recommended, especially, to young people when they have to alleviate the nerves for an exam. But is that, in addition, valerian helps us to get to sleep in case of insomnia problems.
  • Damiana: known as the plant of the love (by the natural effects similar to viagra associated with it), the damiana is specially indicated for those people who are going through a period of depression, anxiety or stress, helping them to improve the mood.
  • Hierbaluisa: stress, nerves, anxiety, or insomnia are some of the problems that improves the hierbaluisa. There are people that recommend to combine it with other plants such as valerian or chamomile, so that the effect is even greater. Taking a cup for a while before going to bed or when you feel nervous and you will see how everything is going much better.

Herbal teas for the throat

Throughout the year and for different reasons, the throat is affected and can be the cause of multiple problems. From the leave us with no voice or afónicos, going through a horrible pain that gives us a few tenths of a fever, or in the case of children, high fever, and that, in general, was usually accompanied by headaches or a runny nose. To take care of our throat, the best for them are those developed are the following medicinal plants:

  • Ginger: to be an excellent natural anti-inflammatory, ginger manages to soothe effectively and naturally the sore throat. Just take a small spoonful and put it to boil to take effect. If you want, you can add a few drops of lemon or a tablespoon of honey for more effectiveness, as well as to reduce the strong flavor of ginger.
  • Licorice: like ginger, licorice also has anti-inflammatory properties, in addition to help to soothe the respiratory mucosa, so that in processes catarrhal where the throat also is affected, nothing as to take an infusion of licorice, cold or hot. You can add a little peppermint or anise, if desired.

Infusions and maternity

Yes, you can take or not during pregnancy and breastfeeding is a topic that is worthy of many pages and, even, for many discussions, because not all experts agree in this sense. And it is that, while it is true that they are without caffeine, this is not to say that some plants, taken in excess, can harm your baby's health.

What is clear is that some yes that can be taken, of course, provided that you do not abuse them, among others, some of the most common as: hibiscus, hierbaluisa, cinnamon, chamomile, lemon balm, peppermint, rooibos, yerba mate, valerian.

However, it is not recommended, in general, the mint pennyroyal or licorice.

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Teas For Weight Loss

To lose weight, that word that both idealize some people, who hate others, and so hackneyed in the media all over the world, especially in specific times of the year where everyone is looking for the herbal teas for weight loss most effective the diet always also doing exercises. There are people who spends his life with dieting and thinking about weight loss, others do it in a timely manner, and many others have never been raised or have thought about it. Prepare an infusion is used when you're doing loss diet fat thank you to all of their properties because in addition to helping you reduce volume, you'll be able to enjoy its benefits. You'll soon see the effects. You can not miss an infusion to see better results.

Each year we produce a large variety of industrial products that, in theory, have the properties for loss lose weight. And is that, to a greater or lesser extent, most of us feel bad with their body at some time in their life and are, therefore, looking forward to meeting this type of new products with properties that will help you to get the ideal weight desired. Others have to do so for health reasons when the doctor requires it, although they have not done so would not have asked for a professional or, as it says in the language of the people “you have seen the ears of the wolf”. The miracle diets do not exist.

Té para adelgazar

But apart from industrial products in the diet, there are also other ways to achieve the weight you want. Everyone knows the key to maintain a perfect body without going through miracle diets, but not everyone knows or you can apply them taking into account the society in which we live, where we live too fast and that not everyone has access to fresh and healthy foods.

And that is precisely the kind of diet that a person carries out in their day-to-day will be marked, in great part, the loss of weight, physical condition and mood general, to a great extent. Of course, also influence other factors such as doing sports, especially aerobics, which burn more calories and will help you eliminate the fat and activate the metabolism, having good personal relationships to enjoy a personal life full, as well as to rest or avoid people and situations that are toxic, they provide great benefits. Factors with large benefits within diets, all of them, although it may seem strange, also affect the weight of a person.

Té adelgazante

Within a proper diet prepare infusions are an excellent supplement with great benefits. In particular, the herbal teas for slimming, in the process of the diets. Medicinal plants natural that they have some specific properties, such as being a diuretic, antioxidants or fat-burning , and that, taken in infusion to lose weight, help to lose weight and thus burn fat.

Of course, we are not saying that these teas weight loss have miraculous properties to lose fat without doing cardio, but used within a healthy and balanced diet, accompanied by some exercise and a personal life satisfactory, so that the sadness, anxiety or stress do not affect the general physical condition of the person, are key aspects to the help in losing those extra pounds that we have an excess of. You always have to choose to make healthy diets and to escape from the recipes low-input food suitable.

In this section, we will tell you what are the best plants to get the desired weight and containing innumerable benefits for the body and maintain the blood levels at bay, and also the way to calculate it and what do you mean science byideal weight, as well as some ideas to lose weight in a natural way.

Te adelgazante

How to get the ideal weight with the infusion for weight loss ?

We will explain to you how to get the weight you want ? As we have said before: the theme of lower-fat obsession of many people. Sizes 36 and 38 are the most coveted by the women and the equivalent, in the case of men. However, not everyone can carry those sizes, or everyone should do this. It is important to have a healthy weight, according to the age and height. And it is clear that it is not the same a 50 year old woman, 1.65 meters high, that a girl of 25, with 1.75 meters of height, and the two can be obsessed with taking these sizes and, however, the second is too high to take it and the first has an age that takes into account factors and, probably, it is better to view a size 40.

The scientists claim that to know our ideal weight it is necessary to know our BMI, that is, our Body Mass Index. Used to know if our weight is within the range of that considered normal, overweight or, on the contrary, we are below the recommended weight. In this latter case, except in the case of an issue of malnutrition, the solution is more simple than that of the overweight or obesity. Two situations that are of great concern to medical and scientific staff in general for all the problems that can entail.

Adelgazar con té

In fact, as shown from the World Health Organization (WHO), obesity has “more than doubled since 1980, more than 1900 million adults 18 years and over were overweight, of which, over 600 million were obese.” But not only this fact is worrisome, but added that “The majority of the world's population lives in countries where overweight and obesity kill more lives of people than underweight”.

An important piece of information and positive is that the obesity can be prevented and, as we said at the beginning of this article, the diet and the sport, are factors that have much to do at the time you opt to lose extra pounds and reduce body fat, plus get great benefits for our body, as you start activating the metabolism to get positive effects in the helps you lose fat. Within the listing of a healthy and balanced diet, the infusion for weight loss to base of herbal slimming or, better said, with properties that greatly help to lose weight in a natural way.

Let's go back to the form that has the scientific community to know if a person is within the parameters of appropriate weight or not, that is to say, if you enjoy a BMI right, above or below the mean. What is the BMI? The Texas Institute of Health defines it as “a formula used to assess body weight in relation to height. The formula allows you to measure body composition and has been shown to be an effective way of determining body fat”.

The formula for reduction is as follows: BMI = weight (kg) ÷ altura2 (meters) To go into a weight considered normal by the scientific community, the result has to be between 18.5 and 24.9, below would be very little weight over overweight or obesity, depending on each case.

Now that you know how to calculate your weight? and you know what it is, you only have to take note of the following keys that we will offer you to be able to lose weight the natural way.

Mejor té para adelgazar

Key natural herbal tea for weight loss

Insurance that does not need that you wonder How to lose fat ? what benefits can I bring ? In reality, in this case, there are no secrets to be able to reduce pounds, and it activates the metabolism: we all know what we should do to lose those extra pounds of more than we can spare. And no, we're not talking about stop eating. On the contrary, our body needs to eat food to be okay, but he asks us to a healthy and balanced diet, in which fruits and vegetables are the main base of the diet, together with cereals, fish (preferably white, and, from time to time, blue, but can also be eaten once in a while another type of sea food such as salmon or -seafood that they also have nutritional properties of interest) and white meat (such as chicken or rabbit, for example). These are the foods that you can eat in the diet also has great benefits.

Drinking water is important, around a litre and a half a day, it will help our body to stay hydrated, on the one hand and, on the other, to release toxins and prevent retention of fluids, among other problems, as you can see drinking water has great benefits and drinking it you can cheat a little appetite. Drinking water is a very important factor to take into account in the diets to reduce volume, but it is also of vital importance for our body to have a correct functioning. You can take each day and in addition the can take with an infusion with lemon, ginger or cinnamon, this is one of the natural remedies with a very positive effect. Take a glass of water on an empty stomach, or prepare an infusion will help you to eliminate liquids and as we have already said, is recommended for all diets, is one of the natural remedies, with many positive benefits on our body that everyone should keep in mind.

It is precisely here where the infusion for weight loss, without sugar, of course, and natural play an essential role, for in addition to help you lose those extra pounds, help in a very positive way to remove fluids in our body.

If we add to this a few hours a week of moderate exercise to burn calories, the results begin to be visible in a few weeks, always and when, also avoid in diet foods such as bakery products, refined flours, sugar, alcohol or sugar-sweetened beverages, are forbidden products for a healthy and balanced diet.

Infusion for weight loss

Aromas of Tea, we like to take care of us and, of course, take care of yourself the natural way. That's why we've created a specific section of the infusion for weight loss. Are not the only teas to lose weight that we have in our store, but yes, the most specific, especially because it involves infusions of diuretic on the one hand and of infusion burns fat by another. All of them have been made with herbal slimming.

So, within this section you will find some of the best teas for weight loss the natural way and also contain numerous health benefits.

what infusion should I choose ?

  • Ponytail: you Can prepare an infusion with properties that help slimming by excellence, one of the main properties that are associated with it, is to be an infusion diuretic, increasing by up to 30% of the times a person micciona the day. Recommended for the health of women, both to prevent painful periods and abundant, such as to improve the state of bone in the menopausal stage.
  • Infusion rooibos esbeltés: you Can prepare a esbeltes with effects that help, like the tail of horse, this also has theine and serves for many things and it is very successful to introduce it in our diet. Of their own creation, is infused with properties to burn fat, serving to you to lose weight and keep the defenses in blood at bay. Looking for an infusion to aid lose belly? The rooibos will help you.
  • Green coffee green: no, no we were wrong, these cafes help and have effects slimming. We still talking about the infusion weight loss, but is that the coffee what you need to prepare infusion mode and has properties to lose those extra pounds, it serves as fat burning, and serves as an antioxidant...oops, that is another excellent option that serves the process of the loss of extra pounds that have stuck to you.

Remember that the infusion to fat loss is not miraculous, and by itself probably won't make the desired effect, remember that you have to do exercises that also bring great benefits will allow you to lower the volume, body and keep the levels at bay and prevent in great measure to diseases.

Another issue is that you should eat the foods allowed in the usual way, you can prepare mouth-watering recipes as there are a large variety of foods, just so you'll be able to lower the volume, and enjoy all the benefits of the infusion slimming and see its effect in a short period of time. A balanced diet will be vital to keep us healthy and prevent disease.

Of course, we recommend that you take a look at the green tea, red pu-erh tea, black or oolong tea, which contain cinnamon with effects weight loss medications ( in addition to help you shed pounds and have a lot of properties very beneficial to health) of the entire web because, in the end, a tea is always a good option to take care of the most enjoyable way possible along with your herbal teas for weight loss preferred thanks to all of its properties to improve health contribute to lowering fat in a healthy way.

Infusions Aphrodisiac

Who hasn't wanted to feel more handsome or increase your libido in any occasion? Surely you also, even though I only been once. And that is what we are going to deceive us: and all the days we feel great, nor do we have the same sexual desire and, yet, we all love to feel and know that we are attractive to others. As well, it says: to no one's bitter sweet.

But in this section we don't want you to talk about sweets, but of natural aphrodisiacs, that is to say, those foods, plants or herbs are endowed with some properties, or particular substances that enhance sexual desire and they end up with problems, for example, of erection in the case of man, acting as an invigorating natural or lack of reaching orgasm in the case of women, among other difficulties associated with the sexual appetite or sensuality.

History of the aphrodisiac

Since ancient times, human beings have sought to be able to enjoy their sexuality the way that most pleases him." In fact, since the ancient Greek civilization, the goddess Aphrodite represented the sensuality, the sexuality, the love, the desire, the lust or the playback.

The first natural aphrodisiac that is known is the mandrake, in fact, the effects of this plant are mentioned in the Old Testament, ensuring that already consumed by the egyptians. Later, in times of witches, it was also this plant one of the employees at the time of performing rituals or, at least, so described in the books of the time or that have been edited later.

In other cases, certain opiates like opium, hashish, or morphine have been used for such purposes, but we're not going to call them, because they do not cease to be drugs and we only talk about natural products, healthy and without side effects.

It is curious, moreover, that to certain foods have been granted aphrodisiac properties by the simple fact of his aspect, see the case of the banana or the carrot, which were seen as phallic symbols, as well as oysters, or pears, on behalf of the woman's body. However, none of them has aphrodisiac properties, except all the others that, they say, mixed with champagne, have a great potential. What have you tried?

Of course, yes, there are foods, plants and herbs that, despite not representing any sexual organ of the human being, yes they have the above-mentioned properties. We talked, among others, the ginger, the chocolate, the strawberries or the wine, among others.

All they want to talk about in this section, what are their concrete properties, as well as find out what kind of common problems related to sexuality can resolve or help, both in the case of men as in the women.

Some of them will serve both parties, but in other cases, there are products that have the greatest effect or only cause in one of the genres. I tell you everything.

Natural aphrodisiacs for women

That no one deceive you: women love sex as much as men; gone are those false myths about the headaches as an excuse not to practice sex or to be the man to take the reins of the sexual relationship.

No! Women can and want to live their sexuality in a natural way. However, this does not preclude, as in the case of men, the libido is not always at its best. In these cases, the natural aphrodisiacs can be your best asset.

But, what are they? Let us consider, first, the main problems of women in the field of sexuality.

  • Sexual dysfunction: a lot more common than it may seem, the total lack of sexual desire occurs in 30% of the Spanish women, a figure that increases among americans aged 18 to 53 years, according to an article published by the Efe Agency.
  • Dyspareunia or pain on intercourse: many times caused by some trauma or the fear of women to suffer this pain.
  • Difficulties to reach the orgasm: very common in women. On occasion the fault of your partner, in other, more severe problems that can be addressed in a query.
  • Vaginal dryness: it is not only common to women of more advanced age, but also among the young, causing many problems at the time of penetration.

When suffering from this type of problems, in addition to consulting a professional to help us, the following aphrodisiacs for women can help us:

  • Chocolate, in particular, the black, because it promotes the serotonin, responsible for relax and give us pleasure. Experts say that some of them may even become a substitute of sex.
  • Damiana, without a doubt, the best sexual enhancer that there is, and has been employed since ancient times. Later we will dedicate more space.
  • The cinnamon, besides having a great flavor increases our body temperature, waking up, in turn, the sexual appetite.
  • Raspberry, which serves to relax the muscles of the vagina and, therefore, enjoy more of the sexual act.
  • The coffee, which is not an aphrodisiac itself, although a study conducted in the united States in the 90's concluded that women who consumed it regularly were much more active than those that did not. Therefore, we would be talking about a sexual enhancer natural very nice.

Natural aphrodisiacs for men

The erection problems have been the most problems have been caused in the case of the sexual life of men. And not only by the hassle that this implies, but because over the centuries, this has been perceived as a lack of masculinity. Thankfully, times are changing.

But, is what was, the truth is that men, like women, have also sought out those natural aphrodisiacs for having good erections. In addition to the famous Viagra, it is pure chemistry, some of the best natural aphrodisiacs for men and act as invigorating are, in addition to the aforementioned damiana:

  • Mint: helps to improve erection, in addition to maintaining over time the member in this position, prolonging sexual intercourse, for the enjoyment of the couple.
  • Ginger: it helps to increase the potency in the male member. We will dedicate a space later.
  • Gynko Biloba: it keeps the sexual organ for a longer time in erection.
  • Royal jelly: although its effect is not immediate, but it is durable, so it is ideal to have good erections.
  • Nuts: nuts along with other nuts, such as hazelnuts or pistachios, arouse the sexual appetite and prolong the erection in the case of men. In fact, in many villages of China, this product is not missing on the night of the wedding.

Damiana: properties and benefits

The infusion of damiana is Viagra natural by excellence, with the difference that it does not have side effects, so is ideal for a night of passion or to arouse sexual desire, both in men as in women. If you're going to go to a romantic dinner or have a blind date...take it after dessert or along with it if, for example, are strawberries. The outcome will be unique!

Originally from America, especially from Mexico, Brazil or the south of the united States, this plant grows in dry areas has been used since the civilization of The Mayas.

In addition to improving the libido and the sexual act, this plant helps us to fight fatigue, as well as to improve our state of mind or end up with headaches, three problems that can ruin any sex date worth its salt.

Not only that, but this plant is also recommended to reduce problems of inflammation of the lips of the vagina, which would prevent to enjoy to the woman during the sexual act, or of frigidity, as well as cases of impotence, if we talk about the men.

Cinnamon: natural aphrodisiac

How many times you will be asked if you want to take cinnamon to the coffee in a bar? If you are one of those who rejects it, maybe you should start planteártelo, especially if that's going to be the last thing you take before you go to bed with your partner.

And is that cinnamon, in addition to give a pleasant taste and aroma in all of the products used, it also has properties sexual highlight. Experts say that this species is able to increase libido and sexual desire, but not only that: in the case of men who have many sexual relations on an ongoing basis, helps them to improve their erections.

To achieve these effects, it is recommended to take an infusion with cinnamon during 15 days, before lunch and dinner. Do you dare to try it, and us accounts or not what you need? Without a doubt, this is one of the infusions aphrodisiac more enjoyable, both for him and for her.

You can also try other infusions aphrodisiac , mixed with cinnamon and ginger, as our rooibos chai, green, or Pu Erh Flavors of the East. Do you dare to live the Dreams of the thousand and one nights with them?

Ginger as an aphrodisiac

In addition to being very much in vogue for help you lose weight or improve the body's defenses, the ginger is also another sexual enhancer natural, either mixed with cinnamon, as we have just mentioned, or by using a delicious infusion aphrodisiac of natural ginger.

The functionality of the ginger in this type of leadership is that it improves the blood circulation to the genital tract, thus improving your erection. That is to say, it is an invigorating natural. But not only that, ginger also enables you to release endorphins, which are responsible for stimulate the points of pleasure in the brain, thereby increasing sexual desire.

These are just some of the natural aphrodisiacs that taken by way of infusion aphrodisiac will improve your sex life. Do you know any more? Have you tested the effects that you mentioned? Do you need more help with plants and herbs aphrodisiac? It will help you!

Infusions Digestive

You know as well as we do, the infusions digestive are of great help when the digestive system is not functioning well, the discontent is widespread. Whether it's something temporary or that it will repeat for suffering from some kind of illness, temporary or chronic related to the digestive system, nobody likes to have hot flashes, diarrhea, or the feeling of swelling in the abdominal area, which are some of the most common symptoms of the different gastrointestinal diseases.

So, take care of our digestive health, that is to say, to achieve that perfect balance between the structure and the functioning of the digestive system is essential for good health. Do not forget that, to a large extent, we are what we eat and, therefore, pay special attention to this point to take care of us is a basic requirement.

In this section you will find a large number of them. The traditional chamomile bind to other plants digestive that will help us to achieve the objective mentioned. Lejos to be bland or that they only have medicinal purposes, they have become a favorite of many of our customers, by their effects, of course, but especially for its taste and aroma.

We're going to talk about them, but let's start at the beginning. By knowing what is digestive health and when is that perfect balance that we mentioned above to avoid diseases related to the digestive system that are much more common than you may think, or, at least, of the importance that many people, unaware of the symptoms of the same, believing that they are something normal and they are not.

Digestive health: key basic

We'll give you some tips to eliminate potential pains such as cramps and to keep you healthy. As we have said before, take care of the digestive system is essential. As explained from the Spanish Foundation of Digestive diseases (FEAD), the part of our body “has a perfect design to fulfill the mission that has been entrusted, to extract from the food raw materials which will serve both to produce the energy we need in daily activity as to manufacture and generate the elements that make up the various organs and systems of our body”. We recommend that you follow these tips.

The feeling of heaviness or heartburn after eating, as well as flatulence and gas, or the constipation is something that many people suffer from, but not the usual is a good thing, but quite the opposite. In fact, unless it is an isolated fact, is synonymous with that something in our digestive system does not work well. What are the reasons? Very diverse, but mainly are due to:

  • stress
  • bad food
  • sedentary lifestyle
  • lack of hydration

Among some of the most common diseases and that they have a solution, mostly natural or at the base of some help that the specialist we recommend are the following:

  • Irritable bowel syndrome: disorder produced in the intestine, which causes abdominal pain, bloating, constipation or diarrhea. To treat it, just clean eating, exercise, and avoid stress. Within the healthy diet, you can also include herbal teas digestive and cleansing or constipation, so that debug and clean up our body. If the symptoms persist or recur in the usual manner, is most suitable to visit to our family doctor, because they may have to do with food intolerances that, if not treated, can affect way more serious to our health.
  • Food intolerances: are becoming more commonplace. Some, as in the case of children, they can come with time, but others are worse. One of the most common is usually intolerance to lactose, the sugar in milk (although it can be found in a multitude of industrial foods, as well as in ice cream, sauces or processed meats, among other products). The degree of intolerance vary, but the most common symptoms, as explained from the FEAD are: “abdominal pain, gas, flatulence, cramps in the stomach, cramps, redness, perianal, abdominal swelling, tarry stools, or diarrhea, defecation, explosive or nausea.” In these cases doctors often recommend medication and specific diet where, once more, are a great relief to eliminate these symptoms. Avoid eating foods that are not recommended such as sugar, spicy food in excess, fats will help you to improve health. Make your recipes that do not include these foods will make you feel much better in general and especially not you will suffer heavy digestions.
  • Stomach ulcers: very dreaded so uncomfortable or painful that may result in the case of some people, stomach ulcers are, as defined in “a sore that is located on the inner lining of the stomach or small intestine. The sores when the intestine or the protective layer of the stomach to break down”. In this case, health experts often recommend a type of medicine in particular. It is completely advised against the consumption of alcohol or tobacco.
  • Constipation: doctors understand for constipation maximum of 3 defecations per day and a minimum of 3 per week. Therefore, people who suffer from constipation are those that are found in this latter case, and whose stools are hard, sparse and dry. In this case it is advised to eat foods rich in fiber, as well as a proper hydration, and avoid sedentary life. In the case of hydration, play a large role. Especially those made with plants or ingredients rich in fiber.
  • Diarrhea: on the contrary to the previous point and that is defined as the presence of liquid stool and the increased number of bowel movements. This type of disorder is also usually accompanied by abdominal pain, depending on the degree of the diarrhea. In the most severe cases are also accompanied with fever or blood in the stool.

Regardless of the type of digestive disease that you have, the experts recommend the following for good digestive health, so we can give you some tips for adding to your recipes.

  • Fiber: except in the case of diarrhoea or acute, eating fiber-rich foods in our daily diet is highly recommended. Foods such as ginger are a great ally, because it contains around 12 grams of fiber for every 100 grams. So, the digestive infusion of ginger will be of great help.
  • Hydration: mainly water-based. It is recommended to drink between 1.5 and 2 litres of water per day. To achieve this we recommend to take a thermos with some infusion and go to take it along in the morning or the afternoon.
  • Physical activity: because not to do moderate exercise at least 3 days a week, the digestive system is affected. Hence, people with reduced mobility have to take other measures to compensate for this lack of movement. Exercise helps the body to function optimally, and help to eliminate ailments in the body and mind.
  • Probiotics: for children as well as adults, help us to cleanse the body. The probiotic have bacteria that benefit the proper functioning of the digestive system.

The best herbal teas for digestive

As we have already said, are an excellent ally when it comes to taking care of our digestive system. These as you well know, are made, primarily, with plants digestive, but then you can add spices or fruits that act as supplements digestive.

Among the best plants digestive find and that you can take at any time of the day, although they are always more effective after a meal or at breakfast, are, some tips on them.

  • Chamomile: has antispasmodic properties, carminative and anti-inflammatory. Is the natural infusion par excellence for dealing with the problems of digestive disorders such as bloating. Can be taken with hot or cold water and combine with other plants such as anise, peppermint or licorice. Taking this type of natural remedies will bring you an immediate well-being in the body.
  • Ginger: infusion for the stomach, ginger is characterized by reducing the vomiting and nausea, in addition to the flatulence, gas, or cramping, heartburn, or indigestion. It is one of the most complete that is known, in addition to help relieve or prevent other symptoms common to the human being as colds, for example.
  • Mint: another of the most common plants and complete that are known, if we take an infusion for the stomach peppermint, in addition to improve our intestinal transit, also to avoid problems such as halitosis. It is ideal to take after eating a heavy meal or before going to bed, among many other benefits, and to avoid the heaviness. Who can resist the pleasant aroma of herbal mint? We do not!
  • Cardamom: many experts in natural medicine recommend taking infusions of cardamom after every meal. Something completely logical: it contains the enzyme trypsin, which improves the intestinal transit.
  • Fennel: great for soothing abdominal pain, reducing gas, or whet the appetite when this disappears. The infusion of fennel is soft and can be taken at any time of the day.
  • Matt: widely used in countries such as Uruguay and Argentina, the truth is that the infusion of mate is very digestive, it helps to stimulate the secretion of bile and favoring the digestion of fats from the diet. Ideal to finish with the indigestion and heartburn.
  • Anise: it Is one of the natural remedies that are known that will help you make a good digestion. Plant is carminative, which helps you digest food better. It combines, on many occasions, with different infusions digestive as chamomile, mint or fennel, among others.

Other teas digestive to be taken into account

These and other plants of medicinal properties are digestive, but some of them are more appropriate than others to treat ailments or concrete to employ during specific periods of life, as for example: Some tips according to your needs.

  • During pregnancy: among which we have mentioned and others that are not in the above list, and web-feeding qualifies as a very low risk to take an infusion for the stomach, chamomile, mate, thyme, linden blossom, rooibos, mint, lemon balm, hibiscus, hierbaluisa, or ginger, among others.
  • For constipation: the sen or licorice are ideal to combat constipation. Herbal teas laxatives by nature. The coffee is also often added in the list of natural remedies against constipation, but be careful.
  • For gastritis: chamomile, cardamom or boldo are some of the best teas digestive for gastritis. All of them are very soft and can be combined with another type of infusions digestive like aloe vera or mauve, which also help to combat this type of ailments.
  • For weight loss: what if I end up with digestive problems could also be you lose weight? It is possible! There is a list of infusions digestive for weight loss which fulfill this double function, on the one hand because they are diuretic, and, on the other, because they contain a high fiber content. Some of them are: horsetail, linden blossom or rooibos.
  • For children: mainly to improve your intestinal transit and prevent, but also to relieve their ailments in a natural way, some of the best teas digestive for children are: chamomile, anise, lemon balm, rooibos, hierbaluisa, or tila.
  • Infusions digestive and relaxing: those that are particularly good to take before bedtime, thus avoiding the abdominal pain that wakes a lot of people for different digestive problems or copious dinner and in addition you can help to combat sleep disorders. Some of the best are: rooibos, lime blossom, chamomile, mint pennyroyal or hierbaluisa, among others.

Our web page sale of teas online offers you the possibility to meet all sorts of infusion to help digestion. Natural remedies that will bring well-being to your body and avoid discomfort in the body. In addition our website has an extensive catalog of natural remedies of all kinds for you to choose one according to your needs. Forget about the indigestion and digestive disorders. Prepare healthy recipes in order to have a proper digestion and avoid the foods prohibited, the only way you'll be able to fight the stomach aches. Follow all the advice that we have given you and as you will see in a few days you will notice all the medicinal benefits.

Would you like to take care of your digestive health with Aromas of Tea? It will help you!

Other infusions

The infusion refers to the drink that is obtained from the dried leaves of various aromatic flowers. To this mixture you add water to a boil to get this famous drink. Only be considered tea, the drink that is obtained from the Camellia sinensis plant. The rest of the drinks in the used for making hot water, it is considered infusion. How to prepare a good infusion? -Use mineral water for the infusion has its original taste and does not mix with the chlorine in the tap water. -Heat the water to a simmer, because if we use the microwave does NOT generate bubbles of water vapor. -Pour the hot water over the leaves to enhance its flavor. -Serve the infusion in cups of porcelain or ceramic to keep the flavor and the heat. If you want to buy infusions special without a doubt this is your section.

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Fennel green beans. 7 to 10 min. 1 Tablespoon of Coffee 100 ° C

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Fennel, chamomile, peppermint, lemon balm, cardamom, lemongrass, sage, lavender, valerian, and nutmeg. 7 to 10 min. 100 ° C

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Digestive and diuretic if there ever was, highlights of this infusion its flavour halfway between acidic and sweet, where the green tea is shown as the main character, but then stays on the palate the hint of citrus from the lemongrass, which is somewhat sweetened by the taste of the strawberry leaf wild. Ideal for taking mid-morning or afternoon, and...

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Aromatic and natural. Chamomile is one of the natural products star in any home. In addition to the format to bulk, now you can enjoy the autéticas chamomile flowers in your house, in this convenient format of pyramids, whose box contains 20 units.Chamomile 7 to 10 min 1 Tablespoon of Coffee 100 ° C...

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