Black Tea 

Of China, India or Africa, among other sources, the black tea is not only one of the teas most famous in the world, but one of the most cultivated, as we have just mentioned. There is also the flavor of the same differs according to their place of origin, despite the fact that their main properties and benefits are common to all of them.


Of China, India or Africa, among other sources, the black tea is not only one of the teas most famous in the world, but one of the most cultivated, as we have just mentioned. There is also the flavor of the same differs according to their place of origin, despite the fact that their main properties and benefits are common to all of them.

Taken alone or with milk, the black tea is characterized by its complete fermentation, hence its intense colour, flavour, aroma and that is one of the greater degree of theine it contains, along with the red tea. A curiosity about this variety of tea which is, of course, is made with the Camellia Sinensis, as other teas, is that in China there is known as black tea, but as a red tea, post fermented. The denomination of black tea it is, rather, a term coined in the West and which has spread to other continents.

But his process of oxidation not only causes you to have a large amount of caffeine, but that is the most stimulating of all, although it is still much less than a cup of coffee. Yes: the black tea is not a fermented tea (red tea, for example, yes it is), it is a tea is oxidized, which is very different and you have to keep in mind. Do you want to know more? Then, we invite you to continue reading.

Properties and benefits of black tea

As I have already said, the black tea is characterized by its long process of oxidation, which is the one that gives it that color, flavor, and makes it the most caffeine of all varieties. A process that also develops the following properties in black tea:

  •  Antioxidant: there is much talk of the antioxidant properties of green tea, so this variety is often used, on many occasions, in creams to regenerate the outer cells of the skin. However, black tea has the highest amount of antioxidants, so consuming 1 to 3 cups a day of this drink, would help to regenerate the cells of our body, protecting, particularly, to those people smokers, whose cells are subjected to a process of oxidation greater than that of non-smokers.

But, not only that, the antioxidant properties of black tea also reduces the chances of suffering from cataracts, among other benefits.

  • Cardiovascular health: thanks to the properties that are associated with the black tea, today it is known that it improves our cardiovascular health, reducing the levels of bad cholesterol in blood. In the same way, it also helps to improve circulation, in addition to being a diuretic, so it is ideal for people who have problems with fluid retention.
  • Stimulant: it has always been said that black tea is one of the best to take at breakfast, along with the red tea, something that is explained, in addition to the two previous points, for your stimulating capacity. Unlike coffee, the amount of theine or caffeine makes our brains active, but does not put us nervous, so that....what would you tell me if you add it to your list of teas for the first time? What you can infuse with water or add some milk. Add to that the properties of the caco pure or red fruit, for example, and your breakfast will be round.
  • Regulates the sugar in the blood: having the properties of controlling these levels (of course, you won't need to add sugar when you take it, but its flavor is so rich that it will not cost you anything to take it without anything), the black tea makes it an excellent ally for people who suffer from diabetes.

These features are most well-known, but are attributed more and, fortunately, as we will show in our social networks, are becoming more and more. How do you know other properties or important benefits that you're missing and you would like to impress upon us? We'd love to hear from you.

Main varieties of black tea

Like the green tea, the black tea, as we said at the beginning, also have different sources of origin and, depending on the same, the flavor and the aroma will be different. Although there are others, the main varieties of black tea are the following:

  • Earl Grey: without a doubt, the most famous of all. The tea “of the 5·” of the English and also the most common in Europe. Highlights, its aroma to bergamot. It is very aromatic.
  • English breackfast: as its name indicates, it is the tea most widely used in England to the time of the breakfast, because it has more caffeine than other varieties of black tea. Its taste is strong, ideal for the more purists.
  • Black tea Lapsang: its flavour is very characteristic due to its hints of smoke and hints of wood. Despite these characteristics, it is a tea very smooth and easy to read. If you like to pair the tea in your meals, it is ideal to combine with starters salted or cheese, for example.
  • Tea of Ceylan: very different from the previous one in terms of taste, because it has a pleasant touch of fruity, which is also a note in its aroma. Ideal for reducing heavy digestions.
  • Darjeeling tea: originating from India, this variety has less caffeine than the others, and its taste is smoother, because it is made with younger leaves of the Camellia Sinensis. This makes its production is also more and more scarce.

With which is combined the black tea

Some may think the answer is obvious: with sweet or fruit. Yes, of course, as we have already said, this tea is ideal for breakfast and if you take balanced, you should not miss the fruit or whole grain toast. Toast to which you can add extra virgin olive oil and a bit of serrano ham or avocado.

What tea and salt? Yes, yes, yes. The black tea marries perfectly with salty tastes. With breakfast, of course, but also with other products, such as cheese. would you like a snack with black tea instead of alcohol or carbonated beverages that are not good for our health? Pates, quiches or tarts, salted, also will be a good companion. You are sure to delight your guests!

Turning now to dishes more blunt, the chinese tea Lapsang that we have mentioned in the varieties above, because of its smoky flavor, it pairs perfectly with red meat and also with fish taste is somewhat stronger, as could be the blue fish.

But if you do not want to risk and want to be matched with candy, cocoa or chocolate quality will be, without a doubt, the best option. What do you think about chocolates made by yourself?

And, no, we have not been forgotten as a first course. In this case, in addition, I recommend a simple dish: pasta. Yes, the pasta can also be combined with black tea, but as indicated by the sommelier Elisabeth Brunner, in an interview with the chilean magazine, Woman, “it's going to depend on the sauces or condiments with which to prepare the pasta”. So, the expert recommends the use of the black tea with all sorts of pastas, except those that are seafood or creamy, with that goes better with the green tea.

Black tea in the kitchen

In this case we do not speak so much of marriage, but of the different ingredients that you can combine a cup of black tea. In addition to milk, chocolate or red fruits which we have already mentioned above, the black tea can be taken with:

  • Lemon
  • Honey
  • Mint
  • Orange blossom
  • Orange

Uses of black tea in beauty

It is true that, once more, it is the green tea which takes the fame. What we find in shampoos for the hair, creams for the face, but...did you know that black tea also is used in beauty and aesthetics? So it is and then I would like to mencionarte some cases, if you also want to benefit from these ideas:

  • Hair: is usually used to dye it the natural way to color black or dark colors. In the case of brunettes or chestnuts, the effect will always be greater than in the case of the blondes. It is a kind of “natural dye”, so you don't have the chemical properties of those that you can buy in a store.

On the other hand, black tea also helps strengthen the hair and prevent its fall, especially after periods of stress or after pregnancy. You can do rinses with black tea or drink 2 to 3 cups a day to notice its benefits. The first option will always be more efficient.

  • Aching feet: did you know that if you put the feet in hot water infusionada with several bags, and for 4 or 5 minutes, you'll notice a more relaxed and smooth? If you are not convinced, try it and then tell us.
  • For burns on skin: simply apply a bit of black tea (already hardened) by using a gauze or cotton over the burned area and empaparla well. It is an effective aftersun natural.

And you, what do you know of other tricks with the black tea?

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