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A time to this part, the rooibos, as has happened with the tea matcha and other natural beverages, has become one of those drinks that have the lists of the famous and all those people who bet for a healthy life. Even, known as millenials also know the benefits and properties of these drinks and consume them on a daily basis.

But what is the ...

A time to this part, the rooibos, as has happened with the tea matcha and other natural beverages, has become one of those drinks that have the lists of the famous and all those people who bet for a healthy life. Even, known as millenials also know the benefits and properties of these drinks and consume them on a daily basis.

But what is the rooibos , which makes it a drink so special? Then I'm going to tell you only properties and benefits of rooibos, but also on other interesting aspects of this drink is originally from south Africa, as are the benefits that it brings to people who want to do sport, those who want to lose weight, or how this is a drink suitable for pregnant women and moms of infants, benefiting even to their children.

Before moving on to talk about the properties and benefits of rooibos, a special mention deserves a small pre-review of their origin and the different varieties that exist. Because yes, rooibos not only is there a variety, but two:

  • rooibos red: that is the common, which we use in almost all of our infusions and which owes its name to the color of its leaves. A color obtained thanks to the oxidation suffered during the fermentation process.
  • Rooibos green: unlike the previous, this has not gone through a process of oxidation, so it retains its color of origin, the green. Normally used to mix it with other herbs, but in the Aromas of Tea is also what we sell, organically grown, without any kind of mixtures. The taste is similar to green tea, but, of course, without caffeine.

Unlike other teas, rooibos is made from the leaves of the plant Aspalathus linearis. In fact, it is not a tea in itself, but is embedded within that list, since it contains no caffeine. An advantage, obviously, for those people who wish to enjoy an infusion with a wide listing of properties, which can be taken at any time and share with all the members of the family, because it can take large and small.

Properties and benefits of rooibos

Some of the properties and benefits of this tea made with a plant native to south Africa are very well known, others, not so much. So I hope that this list will be of great help to clear up any doubts:

  • Low content of tannins: so this is not a drink that's as astringent as other teas. This also makes the flavor of the rooibos is very mild and pleasant. One more point to take in the company of those you love most.
  • Antispasmodic properties and anti-inflammatory: thus it is ideal to end up with digestive problems, such as diarrhea, constipations, stomach aches or gastritits, among other conditions of these features. But not only that, thanks to the properties mentioned, the rooibos also lessens the pain of head and of throat, so that it is a beverage highly recommended at any time of the year.
  • Or theine, or caffeine: so that it will not alter our state of mind and, therefore, can be taken at any time of the day, in addition to who can take people who have heart problems, as well as those that have problems with insomnia, suffering from stress... in short, all those people who cannot consume or theine, or caffeine.
  • Rich in phytochemicals: what they do to prevent premature aging from free radicals, but not only that, it also prevents or helps to reduce problems such as eczema, skin spots, wrinkles, hives, or dermatitis, among others.
  • Rich in magnesium, potassium and sodium: helps to reduce problems related to metabolism, such as the retention of liquids. In this sense, it is also a great ally for people who want to lose weight or who are overweight.
  • Rich in calcium: so the rooibos is also ideal for caring for the dental health and, in the case of women, to take care of the bones before, during and after the period of menopause.

Rooibos for weight loss

As we have already said, the rooibos is an excellent ally to lose weight, why? There are several reasons. The first and most important is that it is a type of infusion speeds up the metabolism, thus improving our digestive health, reducing constipation problems in the event that there is (which, by the way, is one of the reasons why people gain weight and burning fat effectively and naturally. All this is thanks to the antioxidant properties mentioned before.

But, on the other hand and thanks to its diuretic properties, we may also lose weight the natural way.

So, if our goal is slimming down and add the rooibos within the guidelines of healthy life that we must take to achieve this, experts advise to drink 2 to 3 cups a day of this delicious infusion. The first of these is important to take it on an empty stomach, without having eaten anything beforehand, so the diuretic effect is greater. You can take the second after eating, so that you can make a correct digestion and fight against the constipation or indigestion. The last I recommend that you do it before bed, after dinner (remember, don't go to bed immediately after dinner. Leave at least an hour), so that the rooibos does not only meets your digestive function, but also fat-burning, for the night.

What if you fancy any infusion or tea throughout the day? As it has no caffeine, of course, you'll be able to take one or two more. You can incorporate mid-morning or mid-afternoon. It can also be a good idea to prepare a thermos of rooibos and take to work, to walk or to do sports and keep taking little by little.

Rooibos for athletes

So if you do sports on a regular basis as but and you are a follower of Aromas of Tea, sure that we you've heard of the benefits that this beverage is of south african origin have for people who practice sport on a regular basis, much more, for those who have this discipline as a profession.

And is that in addition to the properties that we mentioned above, the rooibos is a isotonic natural, with the benefits of has no side effects on the one hand, or sugar, or other kinds of chemical substances, as may occur in the famous isotonic drinks for athletes.

This natural drink is rich in vitamin C and E, plus minerals like iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium, or fluoride, highlighting that contains nothofagin, what gives it that sweet flavor that characterizes him and that makes it so enjoyable. All these vitamins and minerals are the athletes lost during sports practice, so taking a rooibos before, during and after will allow, on the one hand, to retrieve the nutrients that are lost and, on the other, it does not have muscle soreness the next day. Two for one!

In addition, for those that want to, can take as much cold as hot. I take it in a thermos and keep it at the temperature you want! You'll find Aromas of Tea are practical, and they weigh very little, so they are ideal to accompany you wherever you might need it.

Rooibos pregnancy and breast-feeding

The fact that it does not contain theine makes this kind of drink to take in all ages and stages of life. The pregnancy and lactation, the stage of the you can't take all the food you would like, it's one of those seasons in which it is allowed the rooibos. In the case of the first stage, there are many specialists in the field of gynecological which it is recommended, as is the case of the reference page, e-lactation.

But, why is it good to take rooibos during pregnancy? In the first place, and as it is evident from the lack of caffeine, but also by other properties very beneficial for the mom-to-be, as are the following: does not have oxalic acid, so the kidneys of the mother does not suffer.

On the other side, and contain high amounts of aspalathin, the person who take it will also protect your cardiovascular system. Some experts claim, even, that thanks to the rooibos prevents the hair to fall during pregnancy.

In addition, it also contains a large amount of polyphenols, similar to green tea, so taking this tea also reduces the chances of suffering diabetes, as feared during the pregnancy or help not to take too much weight, over and above what recommended, of course.

I put rooibos in your life!

And now that you already know the main benefits and properties of rooibos, would you like to take it? I suggest that you take all possible ways to choose the one you like the most or go combination of: cold, hot or with milk, are the most common.

What flavors? We have infinite, so you are sure to find the one you like the most. Take it to activarte in the morning, or to rest for the night or for a relaxing moment. Without a doubt, the rooibos will help you to sleep.

And to have it ready just need to infuse water and wait for 7 to 10 minutes, time that you can take to have a shower, prepare the rest of the breakfast or, simply, to let go and embriagar by your scent that, little by little, will be permeating the room. I join the rooibos!

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