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Imagine that you're in the center of Peru, in one of the coffee growing areas par excellence, where they grow some of the grains of organic coffee most valued in the world. Your landscape is so special, as the taste and the aroma of coffee beans when they reach your home.

A coffee that has not gone through any chemical process, or during cultiv...

Imagine that you're in the center of Peru, in one of the coffee growing areas par excellence, where they grow some of the grains of organic coffee most valued in the world. Your landscape is so special, as the taste and the aroma of coffee beans when they reach your home.

A coffee that has not gone through any chemical process, or during cultivation, or the natural process that takes place until it reaches your house. It is, without doubt, a magical experience, right? I'm sure you can feel those notes so characteristic of coffee from this area.

Notes to flowers and chocolate, but, best of all, it is without doubt that this is a coffee organic cultivation. And this who ensures? The official certificates of organic farming that exist both at national and international level.

And you know what? Behind these coffee beans are hiding, on many occasions, beautiful stories, of overcoming and humanity that bring even more value to the organic coffee that we can consume. We talk about those coffees organic Fair Trade.

But let me reserve one of those stories for later, because now I would like to tell you what are the cafes organic, what the benefits are eating and where you can find some of the best varieties that are for sale today. Do I sympathise with?

What is coffee green

Every time are more people who are aware of how important it is to eat natural and organic products to take care of your health, which every day is more exposed to the dangers of everyday life, as the chemicals used to treat fruits, vegetables, milk and even water, among other food items of daily use.

To this we must add the excessive use of mobile phones, computer or telecommunications antenna that affect the health when the exposure is prolonged, as has been demonstrated by various scientific studies.

As things are, it is increasingly common to find fields of growing completely organic, whose processes are thoroughly controlled by the different agencies that issue the certificates and ensure that the products that are extracted from them are environmentally friendly 100%.

The cafe also form part of the list of eco-friendly products. But, what really is the organic coffee? It is that which is grown, as we have said, in coffee plantations, where they are not used, at any time, nor in any case, chemicals for its cultivation.

Normally, this type of coffee is planted in the shade of trees much larger, which offer an ideal climate of moisture, making the flavor and quality of the same they are unique, in addition to preserve all its properties, flavor and aroma.

But there is one more point that deserves a special mention when we talk about the culture of cafes ecological. In addition do not use no pesticides or chemicals, they use methods of production that respect the environment, respecting the times that mark the land.

Benefits of organic coffee

Clear; it may be that now you are saying to them, “very well, support the respect for the environment and desire to eat as healthy and natural as possible, but what else are the benefits of taking organic coffee? You the I detail below:

  • Contribute to that the soils remain fertile, since they do not use products that harm them, or abusing them.
  • The products are premium, for the quality of their grain. Retain all of their properties by not having gone through any kind of process that changes their properties.
  • Are good for your health, in addition to being free of pesticides or chemicals, because they have a higher nutritional quality.
  • They are more supportive. Many of these coffees are associated to entities of Fair Trade, contributing to improving the lives of the people who work in the coffee crops, but also the area where it is grown, in addition to help take care of your natural environment.

And all this without forgetting that at the emotional level, the organic coffee, to be of such great quality, gives you unique moments. What you'll notice in every sip. I invite you to see for yourself.

Fair trade coffee

As I just mentioned, the organic coffee is, in many cases, associated with the Fair Trade. Something that is not surprising taking into account the values that govern the platform promoted by the UN, various NGOS and also by political and social movements related to environmentalism and pacifism.

But, what is the purpose of the products Fair Trade? Primarily, to contribute to the integral development of peoples, through economic sustainability, social and environmental. In addition, in the fields where coffee is grown to ecological values as important as:

  • The equality between men and women
  • That the wages paid are really worthy, so that their workers can live as they deserve.
  • It prevents you from having the greatest number of intermediaries possible, so that the product can be, directly or virtually, from the field to the consumer.
  • Sustainable production, respectful with the environment.

As you can see, this is one of the reasons powerful for those that take organic coffee. Aromas of Tea you can make with the coffee Tunki to the orange, of Peru. The same, in addition to the due stamp which certifies that it is an organic product, it also has an exciting story behind it that deserves to be told.

It is the story of Wilson Sucaticona, a humble peasant, who went from being a unknown person, to produce and sell one of the coffee shops best regarded in the world. For this, he had to work hard, but never lost sight of the values of Fair Trade, thanks to which today its coffee is also part of this distinction. Without a doubt, this is a coffee unique.

Also, green coffee organic

It is one of the star products of the last few years, especially since it has been known to have properties that help you lose weight (you know, without miracles, but as a complement to weight loss diets where there is healthy eating and the sport, in addition to the correct rest).

And this product, green coffee it also exists in the ecological version, and I can assure you that it is note greatly on the palate, because it has a taste much more authentic, less pajoso and maintains at 100% all the properties of the coffee.

In addition, the green coffee green it is a diuretic beverage and cleansing, so that helps eliminate the retention of liquids, as well as the pesky gallstones and natural way. But not only that; it also is associated with benefits such as reduce fatigue, improve memory, reduce cellulite or act as a drink fills you up. You will be sure that you don't need more reasons to try it!

The best coffee green

In reality, any organic coffee that has been grown naturally and in the fertile land will be a good choice, but we all know that taste gourmet are those that rank the different varieties of coffee in one or another position, something that is usually given to know in the various competitions that are organized at national and international level.

So, between best coffee green in the world it is worth mentioning the following:

  • Cafe Tunki in Peru, which in 2012 managed to rise to the distinction of 'Best Coffee in the World'
  • Kachalú coffee from Colombia, which boasts the distinction of Special Coffee

Where to buy organic coffee

Both the two types of coffee that we have just mentioned, as other varieties of organic coffee are at your disposal in our online shop. In the same you can find organic coffee in grain, but also ground; natural or flavors and from different backgrounds. I take a eye!

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