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Coffees Green

Imagine that you're in the center of Peru, in one of the coffee growing areas par excellence, where they grow some of the grains of organic coffee most valued in the world. Your landscape is so special, as the taste and the aroma of coffee beans when they reach your home.

A coffee that has not gone through any chemical process, or during cultivation, or the natural process that takes place until it reaches your house. It is, without doubt, a magical experience, right? I'm sure you can feel those notes so characteristic of coffee from this area.

Notes to flowers and chocolate, but, best of all, it is without doubt that this is a coffee organic cultivation. And this who ensures? The official certificates of organic farming that exist both at national and international level.

And you know what? Behind these coffee beans are hiding, on many occasions, beautiful stories, of overcoming and humanity that bring even more value to the organic coffee that we can consume. We talk about those coffees organic Fair Trade.

But let me reserve one of those stories for later, because now I would like to tell you what are the cafes organic, what the benefits are eating and where you can find some of the best varieties that are for sale today. Do I sympathise with?

What is coffee green

Every time are more people who are aware of how important it is to eat natural and organic products to take care of your health, which every day is more exposed to the dangers of everyday life, as the chemicals used to treat fruits, vegetables, milk and even water, among other food items of daily use.

To this we must add the excessive use of mobile phones, computer or telecommunications antenna that affect the health when the exposure is prolonged, as has been demonstrated by various scientific studies.

As things are, it is increasingly common to find fields of growing completely organic, whose processes are thoroughly controlled by the different agencies that issue the certificates and ensure that the products that are extracted from them are environmentally friendly 100%.

The cafe also form part of the list of eco-friendly products. But, what really is the organic coffee? It is that which is grown, as we have said, in coffee plantations, where they are not used, at any time, nor in any case, chemicals for its cultivation.

Normally, this type of coffee is planted in the shade of trees much larger, which offer an ideal climate of moisture, making the flavor and quality of the same they are unique, in addition to preserve all its properties, flavor and aroma.

But there is one more point that deserves a special mention when we talk about the culture of cafes ecological. In addition do not use no pesticides or chemicals, they use methods of production that respect the environment, respecting the times that mark the land.

Benefits of organic coffee

Clear; it may be that now you are saying to them, “very well, support the respect for the environment and desire to eat as healthy and natural as possible, but what else are the benefits of taking organic coffee? You the I detail below:

  • Contribute to that the soils remain fertile, since they do not use products that harm them, or abusing them.
  • The products are premium, for the quality of their grain. Retain all of their properties by not having gone through any kind of process that changes their properties.
  • Are good for your health, in addition to being free of pesticides or chemicals, because they have a higher nutritional quality.
  • They are more supportive. Many of these coffees are associated to entities of Fair Trade, contributing to improving the lives of the people who work in the coffee crops, but also the area where it is grown, in addition to help take care of your natural environment.

And all this without forgetting that at the emotional level, the organic coffee, to be of such great quality, gives you unique moments. What you'll notice in every sip. I invite you to see for yourself.

Fair trade coffee

As I just mentioned, the organic coffee is, in many cases, associated with the Fair Trade. Something that is not surprising taking into account the values that govern the platform promoted by the UN, various NGOS and also by political and social movements related to environmentalism and pacifism.

But, what is the purpose of the products Fair Trade? Primarily, to contribute to the integral development of peoples, through economic sustainability, social and environmental. In addition, in the fields where coffee is grown to ecological values as important as:

  • The equality between men and women
  • That the wages paid are really worthy, so that their workers can live as they deserve.
  • It prevents you from having the greatest number of intermediaries possible, so that the product can be, directly or virtually, from the field to the consumer.
  • Sustainable production, respectful with the environment.

As you can see, this is one of the reasons powerful for those that take organic coffee. Aromas of Tea you can make with the coffee Tunki to the orange, of Peru. The same, in addition to the due stamp which certifies that it is an organic product, it also has an exciting story behind it that deserves to be told.

It is the story of Wilson Sucaticona, a humble peasant, who went from being a unknown person, to produce and sell one of the coffee shops best regarded in the world. For this, he had to work hard, but never lost sight of the values of Fair Trade, thanks to which today its coffee is also part of this distinction. Without a doubt, this is a coffee unique.

Also, green coffee organic

It is one of the star products of the last few years, especially since it has been known to have properties that help you lose weight (you know, without miracles, but as a complement to weight loss diets where there is healthy eating and the sport, in addition to the correct rest).

And this product, green coffee it also exists in the ecological version, and I can assure you that it is note greatly on the palate, because it has a taste much more authentic, less pajoso and maintains at 100% all the properties of the coffee.

In addition, the green coffee green it is a diuretic beverage and cleansing, so that helps eliminate the retention of liquids, as well as the pesky gallstones and natural way. But not only that; it also is associated with benefits such as reduce fatigue, improve memory, reduce cellulite or act as a drink fills you up. You will be sure that you don't need more reasons to try it!

The best coffee green

In reality, any organic coffee that has been grown naturally and in the fertile land will be a good choice, but we all know that taste gourmet are those that rank the different varieties of coffee in one or another position, something that is usually given to know in the various competitions that are organized at national and international level.

So, between best coffee green in the world it is worth mentioning the following:

  • Cafe Tunki in Peru, which in 2012 managed to rise to the distinction of 'Best Coffee in the World'
  • Kachalú coffee from Colombia, which boasts the distinction of Special Coffee

Where to buy organic coffee

Both the two types of coffee that we have just mentioned, as other varieties of organic coffee are at your disposal in our online shop. In the same you can find organic coffee in grain, but also ground; natural or flavors and from different backgrounds. I take a eye!


Experts say barista that the espresso is the purest form of coffee, as well as the base of any of them. To understand both the origin and the essence of this type of form of preparing we have to move up to the Italy of the early TWENTIETH century.

Specifically, we're going to move up to 1901, at which time he created the first prototype of the machine expresso, fruit, no doubt, of the industrial revolution lived in that time. Was Luigi Bezzara who managed to develop the first coffee fast and hot, thus responding to the definition of espresso coffee in Italian.

But that was only a prototype industrial. It took four more years, 1905, when Desidero Pavoni started to produce the first espresso machine commercial. The same will be called The Cruiser, although it has little to do with the machines of espresso coffee today.

Little by little, this type of machines were growing in the Italian society and, in fact, by 1920 there were different bars that offered this type of service, especially among workers who were demanding a good shot of caffeine and quickly.

This is only part of the history of the espresso machine, but we could spend hours talking about it, when what really matters is the type of coffee that is used to produce it, as well as the way of doing it, or the different recipes that can be prepared with the same, that is to say, the different ways to make it and take it.

Now I will move on to explain this, but before, if you let me, I would like to tell you a story with regard to the history of the expresso. Did you know that the same is associated to the occurrence of the word barista?

So it is and no, we don't have to come until our time to talk about it, since this term was coined in Italy in 1938, because of Mussolini and his movement the word bartender, which was the one previously used to define the professionals of the sector, this term they seemed very american, and wanted to find another one that sounded more Italian. It was thus that arose the word barista.

What is the espresso coffee

Probably this variety is one of the most go to the end of the day, and to be the best, not what you know. But, what is an espresso coffee? If you think, I'm going to explain some of their properties and characteristics

  • Aromatic: even if you are not a master of coffee, right away you'll notice the difference between an espresso and another that is not, as the aroma of the first is really heady and powerful. In general, tends to have floral notes, with hints of fruit and chocolate. At least this should be the espresso coffee Italian excellence.
  • Taste: the notes that I have just mentioned that they feel in the nose, also take place in the mouth, and for a long time, since the effect is long-lasting.
  • Round: it is a smooth coffee, where the acidity and bitter taste are perfectly balanced, neither one dominates over the other.
  • Color: usually hazel, but tends to a dark brown. The cream is created on the top is very thin and there is an absence of small bubbles (at least if you are well prepared).

So, it is not surprising that this kind of variety is one of the favorite of the enthusiastic growers. A variety that is not allowed to add or flavors, or other flavors, since that would eliminate your purity.

In addition to the above features, we must not forget that this type is the purest form of consuming this drink thanks to the force exerted by the water pressure on the coffee beans. In fact, the pressure, as well as the quality of the water and of the coffee bean will be what will determine the final quality of the infusion.

So, it is not surprising that teachers baristas are a few great “engineers” of the machines for expresso, so I can take full advantage of this and noticing their customers.

How to prepare an espresso coffee

In the bar or in the cafeteria you will have to rely on the art of the person who prepares it, but if you do it at home, I advise that you take note of the following data:

  • Use mineral water instead of tap water. In this way we achieve, on the one hand, that the taste of the water has no influence on our drink, and, on the other, that the amount of lime to be much lower. Even so, and in regard to the lime, I recommend that you clean your machine every two months, using a few pills suitable for that purpose.
  • The amount. The barista recommended 7 grams of espresso coffee for each cup and, a little tip: when you put in your coffee, give it a small tap to the dispenser, so that you distribute the powder evenly.
  • Be careful with the time! The espresso coffee is made quickly, but will not be ready until the coffee out of the coffee is homogeneous and has a continuous flow. If you see that this does not happen, press the coffee more strong.

Once you prepare, so that everything round must also take into account the cup in which it is served. And is that the espresso coffee Italian par excellence is served in a cup, white porcelain and small. You will have just the right amount to drink it, practically, than a sip.

Not only that, but do you want to know a trick to know if you have prepared well or not? Look at the foam top that is: if it is not, is that it is badly made and if it is, but it has lumps, also. Keep in mind what I have said above: it is fine and colored blonde.

In this regard, always ask this type of coffee in a bar, it's best that you take it in the bar. Why? Because if you wait to take it quietly on the table, the foam will disappear and you'll lose the essence more pure, since that is where most feel the taste and aroma of which I have before mentioned.

Of course, this type does not usually take milk, but in recent years, with the rise of the coffee makers single serve for use at home, there are increasingly more varieties and, among others, a well-known brand of espresso machine for home, has developed the espresso macchiato, which is not another thing that the expresso of all life, but with a drop of milk, so that softens the flavour and, of course, changes the color.

Differences between espresso, americano and ristretto

Cut off, alone, or with milk tend to be the most common forms of ordering it in Spain, but with the tourism boom, which we have full access to the information of other countries and the culinary always triumphs, as well as with the rise of the machines single-serve coffee and specialty shops in this product, it is becoming increasingly normal to hear other ways of asking for coffee.

And, precisely, one of them is the american. A long espresso, to which has been added water. This makes the intense flavor is less and, therefore, more pleasant to take for those people who do not like the pure taste of the coffee.

But we cannot confuse an american, with an espresso lungo, or long espresso, which is as it is known in Spain. The lungo is characterized by getting a larger amount of coffee and water in the case of espresso normal and is more bitter than the american.

On the contrary, when we speak of expresso short, or ristretto we are talking about a coffee made with half the water in the expresso original, so that the drink that is obtained is much more concentrated. So, if you ask a ristetto this will be more acid and a much stronger flavor, but it is not recommended for people who have delicate stomach.

And you, do you know how to differentiate them? Do you have a preference between any kind of coffee expresso?

Green Coffee

Welcome to our section of green coffee. No; we have not gone crazy and yes, the green coffee there and, although you may find this strange, before the traditional you know, or, at least, the grain with which it is made.

So whether you know him as, if not, I invite you to follow in this section, at least, if you are looking for, on the one hand, a product healthy and natural and, on the other, a healthy alternative, with multiple beneficial properties, in addition, of course, be another alternative for your breakfast, snack or snack or the drink with which you want to end the day in a nice manner. The green coffee is all that and more.

And yes, of course, the green coffee also help you lose weight. We do not forget to do this, but it is not the only property or advantage that gives you take it and focus only on that would like to reduce to the minimum expression that you can bring into your life. Let us tell you more things and, in the end, if you want, we would love to give it a try and become another one of those products with which we managed to surprise you and conquer you.

Do not think that it is a fashion product which later will disappear. This has been used for centuries in traditional medicine, but it is true that their consumption has not been begun to generalize over the last several years. So let's go to what really interests us: to know what it is and what it can help their consumption.

What is green coffee?

I don't know if you are one of those that knows everything about the green coffee or the opposite, but the Aromas of Tea is a space in which all the world has room for, so we'll start with the basics. By explaining what is the green coffee.

Simply, it is the coffee bean in its natural state, that is to say, without toast or torrar and that has not yet completed its process of maturation. Its name responds to the color of the grain, as we said, in a pure state.

So, this is much more natural than that normally we make and the properties and benefits vary somewhat from the roasted coffee or roasted you can take (if you do it with us, it will only be the first case, if you had that doubt. We always seek what is best for you, also in the coffee).

One of the most significant changes that you will notice when taking it is its flavor: it tastes more bitter. Why? Simply, because the goal of the toast is not to give you a taste and an aroma more pleasant than the one that naturally has it, at the expense of losing some of their properties. In addition, in the case of the roasted coffee is added up to 15% of sugar to the grain, so even if your taste is more soft, the quality is lower than the roasting of natural way, as is the case of the coffees Aromas of Tea.

In the aroma of respect, as well explained before, it is much more smooth than in the case of roasted coffee. However, these two characteristics, the flavor and the aroma, do not make shadow to all the benefits of green tea to health, and then I would like to explain.

Properties and benefits of green coffee

One of the main properties of the green coffee is that is rich in chlorogenic acid, a compound that, among other virtues, is associated to absorb glucose or have an antioxidant effect. This makes some of the main benefits that you have to take it on a regular basis are:

The green coffee is a natural anti-inflammatory: the chlorogenic acid helps people who suffer from arthritis, rheumatisms, tendinitis, or muscle injury to reduce the pain that this type of problems they cause.
The green coffee is satiating: like what are some teas such as black or red when combined with milk, is also satisfying, as it helps in the progressive release of nutrients, and decreases anxiety by consuming sugary products. This, coupled with the fact that, as we said before, helps to reduce the glucose, makes it an excellent product for people who suffer from diabetes.
The green coffee is draining: since combat the accumulated fat. This also helps to remove cellulite.
The green coffee prevents obesity: the chlorogenic acid reduces the absorption of calories, helping us lose weight or to keep it when it is appropriate. It has the great ability to transform fats into energy.
Improve memory: studies have shown that it also helps us to focus and to maintain the mind active, improving our memory capacity.
Prevents the formation of stones in the gallbladder: to be a beverage highly cleansing will help us to prevent the appearance of the stones that much pain you cause to the people suffering from them.

Aspects to bear in mind on the green coffee

As you can see, the benefits of green coffee are more extensive, but not everyone is going to sit well take green coffee in function of the circumstances in which it is located . For this, we'd like you to have in mind some of the contraindications of green coffee.

It is not recommended to take it nor to children, pregnant women or people who have kidney problems or heart. It is also not indicated for people who do not tolerate the caffeine or for hypertensive patients. But if you're not in any of these cases, we encourage you to try it, because it really worth to live that experience.

How to prepare green coffee

This is one of the most frequently asked questions that make us the customers when they want to buy green coffee. Do you also want to know how to prepare it? It is very simple: you must do it as if an infusion is involved.

To prepare a cup you will need: 15 green coffee beans and 250 ml of water. In a saucepan, heat the water and bring to a boil. At this point add the beans 3 minutes. After put it on low heat for 15 minutes. After this type leave it to stand and cool. Strain the grains and is already to be able to enjoy it by way of infusion.

In addition to questions about the preparation, we also asked a lot about when to take and the number of cups recommended per day. Generally, the best times to take it are: the morning, that is to say, in the breakfast and after or before eating, but never at dinner, or at least not if we're going to go soon to the bed, by the effect that it may cause caffeine in us. In terms of the number of infusions, 2 or 3 cups is recommended.

Green coffee for slimming

Yes. Now we come to one of the more well-known green coffee. And it is true, by the properties associated with this natural grain, the green coffee is an excellent ally to lose weight, but only that: an ally in the diets to lose weight.

But this does not work miracles, so to the 2 or 3 cups that you take a day to add a healthy and balanced diet, some exercise and, of course, rest, which is just as important as the two points above so that we can maintain a perfect mental and physical balance.

Where to buy green coffee?

You are on the site more suitable for you buy green coffee from the best sources, and not only that, the of the improve the quality, because our green coffee is organic, so that it is more than guaranteed, in addition to all the features and benefits that are associated with the same and of which we have spoken long and hard.

And as Aromas of Tea, we love to innovate and bring you new healthy products, in our online store you'll also find green coffee with ginger and cardamom. Ideal, not only to take care of your physical aspect, but also to keep your defenses up throughout the year. The green coffee with ginger and cardamom has a touch of something spicy, that is the delight of lovers of ginger. I dare you to try it out and tell us!

Coffee In Capsules

Talk about coffee and coffee capsules, is speaking of the second best-selling product in the world, only behind oil and the third most consumed beverage, behind only tea and water. Taking into account these data, it is not surprising that, for example, in the case of Spain, 87% of the population between 16 and 60 years are consumed, of which 70% use it every day, such as show the data of the 'I Study on the habits of consumption in Spain', elaborated by a well-known brand of coffee and Spanish that have been published in the journal Alimarket.

In fact, if we translate these data into numbers more real, according to data from the Spanish Federation of Coffee collected in an article published by the newspaper The Economist, “are consumed to 170,000 tonnes of green coffee per year, which equates to 599 cups per capita”.

Apparently, Catalonia is the Autonomous Community where it is most consumed, followed by Madrid and yet, in the north and in the area of Lift, it consumes much less, at the expense of the tea or other usual drinks at breakfast or after meals.

A drink that is taken, mainly, in the morning with breakfast or after eating, the recommended amount is a cup, which most people do because you like them and that is consumed in the company of friends or family, as extracted from the data of the FEC that it also gives other positive data for the connoisseurs: the 70% of the people that consume it, take the natural variety, while the roasted is the most well-known, but does not stand out in sales.

And yes, Spain is a country of coffee growers. Years ago, chicory, and chocolate became the beverage that raised in the first case and gentlemen in the second, they took for breakfast or snack, when, in the early TWENTIETH century broke the coffee and the coffee espresso machine broke with force, thus following the usual Italian or anglo-saxon consumption in Europe.

But if you take a cup of coffee revolutionized the beginning of the TWENTIETH century in which eating habits of our country are concerned, the capsules of coffee takes the cake so far of the TWENTY first century. The thread of the data from the study above we have mentioned, if you have been able to surprise the first data, now that you know, not going to miss that almost 60% of the population consume every day in Spain, it does so using coffee capsules.

How much? So it is. While it is true that when they began to be marketed were many detractors of the same, citing reasons about the quality, the taste or the aroma of the same, what is certain is that, with the passage of time, it has been shown that this was not true, leading the battle, even the most demanding of palates.

In fact, let me tell you a funny story at the same time that relevant in this regard: in the month of January, the National Statistics Institute (INE) already included the capsules a single dose as one of the most common products in the shopping baskets of the spaniards. Something that is not surprising if we look at the products from the shelves of the stores: in a single dose is beating the coffee in bean or ground coffee, along with other capsules of more recent creation, as are the drinks of cocoa or herbal teas.

And, what are the advantages of using coffee capsules to that have had so much success? Mainly the convenience and that they are very practical: it is made in a moment and what you are recent in each cup, as if you were to take in a café; the first difference with the coffee coffee maker. But is that, in addition, they are also much more clean: nor do you have to go around changing filters or cleaning the coffee maker every time you prepare it. You just have to insert your capsule of ground coffee dose, and when you're done, fold. Clean and simple.

Taking into account everything that we say and the quality of them is excellent, at least if it is made from grains of the first, as is the case of the cafés you'll find in our online shop, enjoy a good cup of coffee is more than guaranteed.

But, where does the idea of creating capsules of ground coffee? What is its history? You the we below.

History of the coffee capsules

That all the world can do so easily, without losing quality. With that clear goal is born the history of the coffee capsules , or what is the same, the of the capsules for coffee machines by Nespresso, that are compatible all you'll find in our online shop.

But these capsules have first name and last name: Eric Favre, an engineer from the swiss headquarters of Nestlé, I was sick of the taste and the hassle that was to prepare instant coffee at the end of the years 70, when this drink was so fashionable. He wanted to invent something that would meet the goal that I have mentioned above and the answer was found in a journey he made to Rome with his wife, where he realized that “enter the maximum of air in the water before it comes in contact with the coffee. This extracts all the flavor and aroma of the same" , as can be read in an article published in the newspaper Expansion.

It was not until 1986 when I would get to invent the machine coffee maker Nespresso and coffee capsules, which began to be known at the end of the 90's and that had its real boom with the beginning of the new century.

Types of coffee in capsules compatible with Nespresso

Since Nestlé made the first machine coffee makers single serve and, although this brand is still leading the market of coffee machines for different reasons, there have been many brands that have joined the bandwagon of this technology so innovative and practical, in order to manufacture different variants of the same.

Among some of these brands, sure you recognize: Delonghi (coffee machines such as the famous Dolce Gusto), Krups, Cecotec, Bosh (and his well-known, Tassimo), Fagor, Demoka, Taurus, or Philips, among others. It was clear that the major brands of appliances were not going to get lost the power to manufacture and sell a product that has already been converted on a appliance more at home, the same as the microwave or the dishwasher.

But, how do you choose the people between a coffee single-serve or another? The main reasons for which people opt for one of them are the following:

  • There is a wide variety of coffee capsules compatible. Here, all versions of the Nespresso coffee machine are the that takes the cake.
  • The price of the same is not excessively expensive. Such is the variety of brands that sell coffee in capsules, which prices are also very varied.
  • That is of quality. And, that, in the Aromas of Tea, we know a lot. Therefore, the grams of coffee that has individual capsules that we manufacture, is made with coffee, arabica variety, mainly, from the best sources in the world, with the aim of delighting all type of tastes: those who prefer coffee more strong, as well as for those who opt more for the sweet, with notes of chocolate or caramel, and that they prefer more or less acidity.

So once you have your coffee machine single serve chosen, you just have to choose the flavor of the coffee capsules. In our case, for example, we offer capsules of espresso coffee, organic coffee or coffee flavors, with sources varied: Latin America (most notably Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, or Ecuador), capsules coffee Africa, or Asia. And is there decaffeinated in capsules? Of course there is decaffeinated and it has nothing to envy to the coffee with caffeine, for the simple reason that the selection of the grains that have been subsequently milled in order to be placed in these capsules, a decaffeinated of great quality. All types are suitable for taking with milk.

And if you are a lover of the green coffee, Aromas of Tea, you'll also find of this type in capsules or in bulk, being much more comfortable the first option, except that it doesn't bother you prepare it with more time, just like you would with loose tea. The taste and the properties of the same are always guaranteed!

What to do with the coffee capsules

As you already know, Aromas of Tea, we care about taking care of the environment. For this reason, we invite you to't recycle the coffee capsules in the proper containers or, if you prefer, that't re-use to make different crafts, such as jewelry (earrings, rings, pulsars), decorative objects, small containers, purses and, even, there are people who make curtains with them. And you, what idea you think ?

Hoaxes on the coffee capsules

To conclude, I would like to talk, briefly, of the hoaxes that run on the Internet about the coffee capsules and that they come from the hand of his detractors. What are bad for the health? In no study has shown that the capsules are bad for the health, on the contrary. In any case, yes you need to maintain is to clean the system of the machine, just like you would with a coffee normal. Another important factor is not to abuse the decision, because even though it is not bad for your health, drinking excessively every day can be harmful to health.

Do you have less quality or taste the coffee that is made with them? Again, the results of different studies I refer to: no. But, as in these cases we prefer to know what is your opinion.

Our web page sale coffee online, offers an extensive catalog of our coffee with a taste that sure will not leave you indifferent. How you can see these are flavors very peculiar that you can buy, for example, taste is creamy, chocolate, orange, espresso siciliano, cocoa, are only an example. Can we not talk about which is the best that will always depend on the taste of each person, but if we can speak of quality as ours are of superior quality for you to enjoy with each cup, you can't deny that taking one day on many occasions you returns to life, especially if you take it in the morning, whether alone or with milk. You can buy capsules with different intensities of the strong that will leave a taste for a long time in the mouth, or on the contrary you can buy it with the flavor of sweet chocolate with orange. The capsule includes is compatible with the machine Nespresso, which include a total of 10 capsules.

If you need help to buy the best flavor, in our website you will find our contact that we can advise you and give you all the help you need, as you can see we all the facilities. In addition, if you make a purchase over 20€ shipping you can go free.

What do you think if you do with our coffee capsules for the test, and us accounts? We look forward to your response!

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The taste very smooth and creamy for this variety of coffee is in perfect harmony with the aroma and slightly bitter almonds. The combination of arabica coffee beans of the highest level makes us discover a unique experience in every cup of coffee.

3,95 €

This coffee, only suitable for those who want to enjoy a good cup of coffee, has been crafted with the finest coffee beans 100% arabica, brought directly from central and south America. This is a delicious combination of cheese cake with strawberries; a combination that ensures a taste experience at the highest level

3,36 € 3,95 € -15%

Sipping coffee of superior quality, with intense flavor of chocolate and fruits, with tones of cherry. Perfect balance between full body and acidity. So you can enjoy your capsules compatible nespresso at any time of the day of the best quality.

5,06 € 5,95 € -15%

Exquisite selection of coffee from the Americas South and Central america that give it a distinctive character among the best beans arabica from Brazil. Capacity of 100g  

3,83 € 4,25 € -10%

The best arabica beans with a mild flavor, sweet and nutty will delight you with his whole body and a low acidity level.

3,61 € 4,25 € -15%

Decaffeinated coffee, eco-roasting a natural. Process carried out with the method Swiss Water, is moistened with warm water without using chemical solvents. It retains its flavor,body and aroma of the coffee beans. Capacity 100 g

4,25 €

Fantastic espresso, ideal to drink alone or with milk. Stands for strong intensity, and nice flavor, as well as how comfortable you will be taking it, thanks to its format in capsules compatible with Nespresso.

5,06 € 5,95 € -15%

Ideal combination of coffee with chocolate and orange, in convenient capsules compatible for Nespresso coffee makers. .

5,95 €

Comfortable coffee capsules creamy and smooth on the palate, compatible with Nespresso coffee makers. Ideal to prepare expressos or brown cut that surprised by its flavour and aroma. .

5,06 € 5,95 € -15%

Coffee 100% arabica, served in convenient capsules, which are perfect to enjoy with a coffee and cocoa flavor that you are hooked. From the best plantations of central and south America .

5,36 € 5,95 € -10%

The rich flavor of organic coffee and fair trade, Tunki has been added that point between sweet and bitter orange make it one of the best options to take first thing in the morning or after heavy meals. I will not leave you indifferent!  

4,46 €

Green coffee tronceado, candied ginger, cardamom, and pieces of ginger. 4 to 7 min. 1 Tablespoon of Coffee 100 ° C

2,68 € 3,15 € -15%
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