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Welcome to our section of green coffee. No; we have not gone crazy and yes, the green coffee there and, although you may find this strange, before the traditional you know, or, at least, the grain with which it is made.

So whether you know him as, if not, I invite you to follow in this section, at least, if you are looking for, on the one hand,...

Welcome to our section of green coffee. No; we have not gone crazy and yes, the green coffee there and, although you may find this strange, before the traditional you know, or, at least, the grain with which it is made.

So whether you know him as, if not, I invite you to follow in this section, at least, if you are looking for, on the one hand, a product healthy and natural and, on the other, a healthy alternative, with multiple beneficial properties, in addition, of course, be another alternative for your breakfast, snack or snack or the drink with which you want to end the day in a nice manner. The green coffee is all that and more.

And yes, of course, the green coffee also help you lose weight. We do not forget to do this, but it is not the only property or advantage that gives you take it and focus only on that would like to reduce to the minimum expression that you can bring into your life. Let us tell you more things and, in the end, if you want, we would love to give it a try and become another one of those products with which we managed to surprise you and conquer you.

Do not think that it is a fashion product which later will disappear. This has been used for centuries in traditional medicine, but it is true that their consumption has not been begun to generalize over the last several years. So let's go to what really interests us: to know what it is and what it can help their consumption.

What is green coffee?

I don't know if you are one of those that knows everything about the green coffee or the opposite, but the Aromas of Tea is a space in which all the world has room for, so we'll start with the basics. By explaining what is the green coffee.

Simply, it is the coffee bean in its natural state, that is to say, without toast or torrar and that has not yet completed its process of maturation. Its name responds to the color of the grain, as we said, in a pure state.

So, this is much more natural than that normally we make and the properties and benefits vary somewhat from the roasted coffee or roasted you can take (if you do it with us, it will only be the first case, if you had that doubt. We always seek what is best for you, also in the coffee).

One of the most significant changes that you will notice when taking it is its flavor: it tastes more bitter. Why? Simply, because the goal of the toast is not to give you a taste and an aroma more pleasant than the one that naturally has it, at the expense of losing some of their properties. In addition, in the case of the roasted coffee is added up to 15% of sugar to the grain, so even if your taste is more soft, the quality is lower than the roasting of natural way, as is the case of the coffees Aromas of Tea.

In the aroma of respect, as well explained before, it is much more smooth than in the case of roasted coffee. However, these two characteristics, the flavor and the aroma, do not make shadow to all the benefits of green tea to health, and then I would like to explain.

Properties and benefits of green coffee

One of the main properties of the green coffee is that is rich in chlorogenic acid, a compound that, among other virtues, is associated to absorb glucose or have an antioxidant effect. This makes some of the main benefits that you have to take it on a regular basis are:

The green coffee is a natural anti-inflammatory: the chlorogenic acid helps people who suffer from arthritis, rheumatisms, tendinitis, or muscle injury to reduce the pain that this type of problems they cause.
The green coffee is satiating: like what are some teas such as black or red when combined with milk, is also satisfying, as it helps in the progressive release of nutrients, and decreases anxiety by consuming sugary products. This, coupled with the fact that, as we said before, helps to reduce the glucose, makes it an excellent product for people who suffer from diabetes.
The green coffee is draining: since combat the accumulated fat. This also helps to remove cellulite.
The green coffee prevents obesity: the chlorogenic acid reduces the absorption of calories, helping us lose weight or to keep it when it is appropriate. It has the great ability to transform fats into energy.
Improve memory: studies have shown that it also helps us to focus and to maintain the mind active, improving our memory capacity.
Prevents the formation of stones in the gallbladder: to be a beverage highly cleansing will help us to prevent the appearance of the stones that much pain you cause to the people suffering from them.

Aspects to bear in mind on the green coffee

As you can see, the benefits of green coffee are more extensive, but not everyone is going to sit well take green coffee in function of the circumstances in which it is located . For this, we'd like you to have in mind some of the contraindications of green coffee.

It is not recommended to take it nor to children, pregnant women or people who have kidney problems or heart. It is also not indicated for people who do not tolerate the caffeine or for hypertensive patients. But if you're not in any of these cases, we encourage you to try it, because it really worth to live that experience.

How to prepare green coffee

This is one of the most frequently asked questions that make us the customers when they want to buy green coffee. Do you also want to know how to prepare it? It is very simple: you must do it as if an infusion is involved.

To prepare a cup you will need: 15 green coffee beans and 250 ml of water. In a saucepan, heat the water and bring to a boil. At this point add the beans 3 minutes. After put it on low heat for 15 minutes. After this type leave it to stand and cool. Strain the grains and is already to be able to enjoy it by way of infusion.

In addition to questions about the preparation, we also asked a lot about when to take and the number of cups recommended per day. Generally, the best times to take it are: the morning, that is to say, in the breakfast and after or before eating, but never at dinner, or at least not if we're going to go soon to the bed, by the effect that it may cause caffeine in us. In terms of the number of infusions, 2 or 3 cups is recommended.

Green coffee for slimming

Yes. Now we come to one of the more well-known green coffee. And it is true, by the properties associated with this natural grain, the green coffee is an excellent ally to lose weight, but only that: an ally in the diets to lose weight.

But this does not work miracles, so to the 2 or 3 cups that you take a day to add a healthy and balanced diet, some exercise and, of course, rest, which is just as important as the two points above so that we can maintain a perfect mental and physical balance.

Where to buy green coffee?

You are on the site more suitable for you buy green coffee from the best sources, and not only that, the of the improve the quality, because our green coffee is organic, so that it is more than guaranteed, in addition to all the features and benefits that are associated with the same and of which we have spoken long and hard.

And as Aromas of Tea, we love to innovate and bring you new healthy products, in our online store you'll also find green coffee with ginger and cardamom. Ideal, not only to take care of your physical aspect, but also to keep your defenses up throughout the year. The green coffee with ginger and cardamom has a touch of something spicy, that is the delight of lovers of ginger. I dare you to try it out and tell us!

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Long known for being a good ally for those people who wish to lose some pounds, this coffee is surprising to many, first, by its color and then by its taste. Without a doubt, it's worth a try to see how is the coffee of truth in a pure state. How will you be the next?  

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