Game of Cans Le Chat Noir


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Game of Cans Le Chat Noir. A tin of 100 grams and a can of 25 grams make up the pack. Thanks to them you'll be able to keep your tea or favorite brewed in the same condition as the day they came to your house, from the first gram to the last. In addition, they are a nice motif of decoration and are highly practical.

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There were many illustrious personages of the time who went by the famous French cabaret, Le chat Noir, the parisian neighborhood of Montmartre. The same was inaugurated by Rodolphe Solis in 1881 and closed in 1897, which disappointed many artists, such as Picasso, that when it came to the World Exhibition of 1900 were found with the doors of the famous venue closed.

One of their shows, le Chat Noir, Rodolphe Solis, inaugurated in 1981, is today part of France, its culture and its symbols and, of course, of the thousands of memories that may be sold in a city as touristy and cosmopolitan as Paris. The famous sign is present in numerous objects and bring tourists from all over the world.

If you also want to get with him, but don't want to or you can travel to Paris, Aromas of Tea what we have in the form of tin. You can get this nice pack which includes a tin of 100 grams and another of 25 grams to keep the tea or the infusion that you want. In addition, you can also complete the the pack with the tisanera to ipod video, or, either the full pack or separately, that is to say, only the cup of tea.