Game of Cans Istanbul


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Game of Cans Istanbul. A tin of 100 grams and a can of 25 grams make up the pack. Ideal to keep your tea, infusion or coffee in the best conditions, from the first day that comes to your house, to the last leaf or grain. In addition, they are really nice and decorative.

6,95 € tax incl.

One of the largest cities of Turkey, one of the countries par excellence where tea is taken. In fact, one of the most well-known in the world for its taste, aroma and properties is the black tea Turkishtea that you can find in our online store and that has great success among our customers, as it offers the possibility of taking it with water or milk, and it has some features like few other teas can offer. Hence, it is unforgettable.

For this same reason we wanted to have accessories of tea that you will recall the wonders and beauty of Turkey, specifically Istanbul, with its enigmatic palaces, cheerful colors and reflect the mystery and passion of which many speak, and which you can take in each sip of our tea, black Turkish.

So, we put at your layout this pack of cans Istanbul. One of them has a capacity for 100 grams of tea, coffee or infusion, and another with a capacity of 25 grams. This last is ideal for carrying with you wherever you want and prepare your favorite beverage wherever you are. What are you waiting for you to get them?