Infusion Freedom Green

Only where there is, in this infusion of organic production, we have allowed ourselves to be guided by our senses and we have combined the following features: digestive, refreshing, herbal and a touch spicy.

Sin Gluten

Cantidad por infusión Licorice root, mint leaves, pieces of ginger, bits of cinnamon, pimento, parsley, fennel, cloves and basil leaves.

Tiempo de Infusión 5 to 8 Min.

Cantidad de Infusión 1 Tablespoon of Coffee

Temperatura de Infusión 100 ° C


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3,37 € tax incl.

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Surprise and delight is what we always seek in the Aromas of Tea. To do this, spend long hours studying natural products, mainly national, but also international. Combined flavors, we note its properties, and, after a thorough selection of the raw materials, proven results, and only when it is excellent to put on sale. Excellent in taste, aroma and, of course, that brings health and wellness to our clients.

With the infusion of Freedom, of organic production, we are more than convinced that we will achieve all the points which we have just quoted and which we propose with every one of the products that we manufacture in Sonseca, Toledo, in the traditional way. The first thing that you will be surprised of the same are the ingredients that we used for its development, especially the bell pepper or parsley, usually are used in gastronomy, but not for infusions or teas. However, it is amazing the contrast of flavors that these elements have with the licorice, peppermint or ginger, giving as result a unique taste and really nice. In addition, the touch of cinnamon gives it a sweet aroma and sweet flavor, which balances out all the hodge-podge aforementioned flavors.

It's not to be missed! It really surprises and pleases. Everyone who has tried and has told us. And we hope that you are the next to confirm this impression. An infusion, also, recommend, highly, pair with the food, that is to say, that the take between the first and the second plate, so that, in addition to help to make the digestion, to check the power of the same. I ask for it already and tell us the result!

IngredientsLicorice root, mint leaves, pieces of ginger, bits of cinnamon, pimento, parsley, fennel, cloves , basil leaves
Infusion time5 to 8 min.
Temperature of Infusion100 ° C
Amount1 Tablespoon Small

  • Product Reviews
    • Number of Reviews : 4
    • Average Grade : 5 /5
    • V. David
    •  the 17/04/2018
    • 5/5
    • R. NURIA
    •  the 31/07/2017
    • 5/5
    Original combinación con un sabor que te sorprende
    • P. Esperanza
    •  the 09/03/2017
    • 5/5
    Cuenta con una magnífica combinación de aromas. Su olor y sabor embriagan. Destacan el regaliz y la canela. Me encanta y la recomiendo encarecidamente.
    • R. Jonathan
    •  the 21/10/2016
    • 5/5
    Las infusiones son de gran calidad
    • S. Lourdes
    •  the 07/10/2016
    • 5/5