Infusion Spell Herbal Green

The perfect combination of ingredients in organic production used for the elaboration of this relaxing infusion make him a real spell of pleasure and well-being. Hence its name. Mild flavor and something fruity.

Sin Gluten

Ingredientes de la infusion Orange peels, fennel, leaves of órtiga, lemon-balm leaves, lemon grass and flowers of sunflower.

Tiempo de infusión 8 to 10 min.

Cantidad de Infusión 1 Tablespoon of Coffee

Temperatura de Infusión 100 ° C

certificado ecologico

3,39 € tax incl.

The herbs and plants that nature puts at the disposal of man could be described as, on many occasions, of magic as the use and combination of some of them together offer us spectacular results. Such is the case of the fusion of the products used for the elaboration of this infusion green "enchants" to every one that the test. Its pleasant aroma and smooth taste and slightly fruity make it an ideal beverage for the whole family.

As with all of our natural products, it contains no gluten and can be taken at any time of the day, as it contains no caffeine. The leaves of lemon balm, in addition, do this infusion is a product relaxing, that will help you to reduce the anxiety that can cause a hard day of work and concentrate on what really matters. In addition, it reduces the blood pressure and the headaches or migraines that can produce the tensions accumulated by the nerves and the anxiety, at certain times, or generated throughout the day.

For its part, the orange peel, which many times we forget when we consume its fruits, has antioxidant and antibacterial properties, so it is ideal to regenerate our cells, in addition to reduce the chances of getting tooth decay or another type of bacteria that can affect our oral health. Of course, as a fruit, helps digestion and also helps in slimming diets.

The ingredient that also helps you to take care of your digestive system is the fennel that, in addition, it helps control blood pressure and the bad cholesterol in the blood. On the other hand, say experts in the field of study of herbs and medicinal plants that fennel helps to prevent the development of arthritis and gingivitis. And all this without forgetting that, like the leaves of lemon balm, this herb also reduces anxiety and improves our mood.

On the other hand, the stinging nettle, which counteracts with the mild flavor of the flowers of sunflower are also used in natural medicine to combat both constipation as diarrhea, stimulating the digestive system. What few know of this plant is that it contains calcium, so that will also contribute to the care of your oral health, as well as to improve the state of your bones.

And, precisely, on the sunflower seeds that are the ones that give you a taste amelocotonado this infusion it is worth to mention that they are ideal for the women, both in the period of osteoporosis, as in the pregnancy. In both cases it requires an extra contribution of calcium and what better way than to do it naturally. In addition, in the case of pregnancy, it also provides essential fatty acids and vitamins that the baby needs for proper development.

IngredientsOrange peels, fennel, leaves of órtiga, lemon-balm leaves, lemon grass , flowers of sunflower
Infusion time8 to 10 min.
Temperature of Infusion100 ° C

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    • C. Rosario
    •  the 22/06/2018
    • 5/5
    Son muy buenas
    • E. MARI JOSE
    •  the 22/02/2018
    • 4/5
    Infusión relajante, perfecta para la noche.
    • V. Ana Maria
    •  the 30/09/2017
    • 4/5
    • R. Antonia
    •  the 29/07/2017
    • 5/5
    Me encanta este té o combinación de hierbas la recomiendo totalmente
    • C. Vanesa Paula
    •  the 13/03/2017
    • 5/5
    No la conocía. Me ha encantado. Perfecta para las tardes.
    • N. HELENA
    •  the 05/03/2017
    • 5/5
    Experiencia genial para mi negocio
    • L. Paula
    •  the 04/03/2017
    • 5/5
    • M. Lorena
    •  the 03/03/2017
    • 4/5
    Está bueno.
    • M. AVELINA
    •  the 26/02/2017
    • 5/5
    Según expectativas
    • M. Dolores
    •  the 05/02/2017
    • 5/5
    Por la noche es un placer tomarlo y su sabor es increible
    • F. Elsje
    •  the 30/01/2017
    • 5/5
    Muy rica la mezcla
    • G. Arturo
    •  the 27/01/2017
    • 5/5
    muy agradable de beber
    • P. Jose
    •  the 02/12/2016
    • 5/5
    buena estoy contento