Sin Gluten

Cantidad por infusiónRaisins, hibiscus, elderberries, blackberries, freeze-dried, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and black currants.

Tiempo de Infusión 10 to 12 Min.

Cantidad de Infusión 1 Tablespoon of Coffee

Temperatura de Infusión 100 ° C

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Infusion Happy Birthday 2016 is the infusion an antioxidant by excellence, as it is rich in red fruits such as raspberries, strawberries or blueberries. Its reddish color and its pleasant taste make it one of the infusions are necessary in any home. This infusion includes raisins, which give an extra contribution of energy to our body, and help regulate the intestinal transit. In addition to acting against free radicals and prevent aging, the raisins contribute to cleanse the body and release the liver and kidneys of toxins.

That happybirthday 2016 include hibiscus helps us to that, in addition, we feel relaxed and our blood pressure to drop. The hibiscus also acts in our body to prevent aging, while helping us to ingest a high dose of vitamin C. elderberries are also some red berries that contain a high content of antioxidants and prevent colds and flu in the winter because it strengthens the immune system.

Blackberries freeze-dried present in this tea provide vitamins A and C that, in addition to slow down aging, help prevent diseases of the vision of the type of degeneration as cataracts. It also protects our cells from environmental damage such as radiation from the sun or pollution, so it is a drink that should not miss in the spring and summer.

Raspberries, besides being excellent for their antioxidant properties, help to protect our bones from diseases like osteoporosis. It also favors the absorption of iron and are ideal for combating anemia, a condition more common in women. Very closely followed by the strawberries, which in addition to seeking to delay aging, strengthen our immune system.

Blueberries and blackcurrants, in addition to enhance all these previous properties, we help to prevent urinary tract infections, very frequent in the summer due to the swimwear wet that we don't change out of the water, and take care of our skin preventing the appearance of acne and eczema.

If you want that the passage of the years is not noticed in it, the infusion HappyBirthday 2016, will help to prevent aging and protect your immune system enjoying that smell and taste so characteristic of the red fruit.

IngredientsRaisins, hibiscus, ba,ace of elderberries, blackberries, freeze-dried, raspberries, strawberry, blueberries , black currants
Infusion time10 to 12 min.
Temperature of Infusion100 ° C
Amount1 Tablespoon Small

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    • Number of Reviews : 11
    • Average Grade : 4.8 /5
    • I. Maria Rosa
    •  the 21/05/2018
    • 5/5
    Gran sabor a fruta con un toque de amargor.
    •  the 12/04/2018
    • 5/5
    Excelente calidad.
    • F. Elsje
    •  the 30/01/2017
    • 5/5
    Sorpresa agradable al paladar! Muchas gracias!
    • B. Mercedes
    •  the 11/12/2016
    • 4/5
    Aun no le he probado, pero un aroma excelente!
    • G. Noelia
    •  the 02/12/2016
    • 5/5
    Me encanta
    • O. Agustina
    •  the 24/11/2016
    • 5/5
    Una infusión muy especial
    • S. PEDRO
    •  the 07/11/2016
    • 5/5
    • A. Gema
    •  the 16/10/2016
    • 5/5
    Muy sorprendente
    • B. María
    •  the 15/10/2016
    • 4/5
    Muy buen sabor
    • V. Sergio
    •  the 07/10/2016
    • 5/5
    Una de mis infusiones preferidas, rico y muy sano por su riqueza en antioxidantes, la mezcla está muy bien conseguida.
    • V. Cesar
    •  the 07/10/2016
    • 5/5